Jenna Jameson hopes Hollywood will accept her as a mainstream actress, after swapping porn for regular films.
Jameson, 34, was catapulted into the limelight at the age of 20 and has carved out a career as one of the most successful adult actresses of her generation.
But she turned her back on porn last year (07) and hopes new movie Zombie Strippers will help her find success without sex.
She says, "For me, as a person, it's a natural transition. Most girls are a little bit afraid because America's not very accepting of what I do.
"I wanted people to think of me more as a smart girl rather than just a bimbo. And it was easy for me to do that."
Jameson confesses her role in Zombie Strippers isn't a complete departure from her former career: "There's a lot of T and A. There's a lot of crazy gore. But there's also a lot of political undertones against the whole Bush administration.
"That's part of the reason I did the movie. I kind of fancy myself a political girl."