Jenna Jameson isn't impressed by celebrity sex tape stars.

The ex-porn star believes lots of famous people film themselves in intimate situations on purpose and they should stop pretending to be shocked when the 'private' footage leaks online.

Asked to weigh in on present day sex tape stars, she told FOX411: ''Well, it makes me sad that they don't, that they're not exact and...what would the word be? Cause I know that a lot of them are very... they did this on purpose. So, it makes me sad.''

Hulk Hogan, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson are just some of the well known celebrities with sex tapes, while actor Colin Farrell recently claimed he paid $5 million to prevent his from being released.

The 39-year-old model, who allegedly seemed ''disoriented at times'' during the interview, also said the adult entertainment has changed a lot in recent years.

She added: ''It has changed. There's been a lot of girls now that are...I don't know. They're working. They're working hard but you know it's different for me. I became very famous without having to worry about making money.''

Jenna, whose memoir 'How To Make Love Like a Porn Star' is a best seller and has just released her debut novel 'Sugar', insisted her five-year-old twins, for whom she is reportedly in a custody battle with her ex-husband, Tito Ortiz, are still her number one priority.

Asked if she had any advice for working mothers, she said: ''I mean, wow just being a good mom. You know, my thing is just be a good mom. Take care of your babies. I do.''