Jenna Jameson Arrested. Former adult movie actress Jenna Jameson has been taken into police custody for battery after she was taken down in a citizens arrest before being handed over to police. It is unknown who it was that Jenna is charged with attacking but according to TMZ, who broke the story, it was the victim who eventually turned to vigilante citizen and subdued Jameson.

Jenna Jameson
Jenna Jameson may settle for a quiet birthday when the the real thing comes round

The ex-porn star was out celebrating her birthday prematurely on Saturday night (April 6, her real birthday is April 9), but failed to even make it to the first bar of the night before she was eventually handed over to cops. According to the local Newport Beach police statement given to TMZ, Jenna was arrested at around 8pm and handed over to police custody when she was cited for battery. She was later released by the police, but as of yet there has been no comment from the ex-adult star and still no word on what became of her birthday plans (maybe she left if for the real day).

Since her departure from porn Jenna has found herself in more than one run in with the law, having been arrested for DUI last year after driving into a light pole. She sustained injuries during the crash, although she did refuse medical assistance when it arrived, yet it is unknown if she came out of this encounter scratch free.

Jenna Jameson
Jenna at her birthday celebrations last year