Jenelle Evans arrested! It looks like the teen mother could be in bother, but it also looks like the end of the road between her and her husband, after the teenager claimed that it was his planting of drugs on her that caused her to be taken into custody.

The Hollywood Life writes that she was taken into jail last night (April 23, 2013) on drug possession and assault charges, but is currently out on bail. The Teen Mom 2 star is apparently being kept away from her husband Courtland Rogers by judges, though according to a source she’s going to divorce him anyway. “Right now, she says she’s divorcing Courtland,” they said to The Hollywood Life.

Evans’ lawyer Dustin R. T. Sulliven explained how he found out about the Evans arrest for her drugs bust, saying “I was notified that she was arrested and was going to be brought into court on bond,” adding: “She was brought into court, she was pretty upset. She was crying. We did a bond hearing. Her bond was set at $10,000 on simple assault, $10,000 on possession of heroin. Apparently, she was bonded out in a couple of hours after that.” So it all seems a bit confusing, basically they’re being kept apart … but then she wants to divorce him anyway? And could well be going to jail for heroin possession. Oy, what a mess.