Who knew that Brazilian Chanel model Alice Dellal was cousins with Jemima Kirke AKA Jessa from Girls?! Well, she bloomin’ well is! Dellal recently posted a video on her Instagram account of the pair dancing about in their underpants to the Jackson 5, along with the caption ‘Jemima gets “grounded” so we stay in and dance to jackson5’. We guess this must be a pretty old video if the 28 year old mother of two was “grounded”, the pair also look fairly young; however, we can still imagine Jemima jumping around in her underwear these days, so we just don't know!  We have to admit, now that we’ve seen the pair together we can’t believe we didn’t put two and two together before, they look totally similar!

alice dellal jemima kirkeChanel model Alice Dellal is cousins with Girls actress Jemima Kirke

It turns out that half of the celeb world is actually related. Well, you know what they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know! Alice and Jemima aren’t the only famous cousins in the biz, we bet you didn’t know that Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy were related. In fact, Melissa’s first appearance on television was opposite her cousin in the NBC series Jenny.

The Coppola family have got to be the most talented relatives in show biz. Stemming from the patriarch, Francis Ford Coppola, is his daughter, director Sofia Coppola, his son, Roman, also a director, and his nephew, a little known actor called Nicolas Cage. That’s a pretty high achieving family right there! Unless you’ve become incredibly famous and won a few Oscars it must be super depressing being part of the Coppola family.

Thor: The Dark World star Stellan Skarsgaard is the dad of True Blood’s hottest Viking vamp, Alexander Skarsgaard. The pair have appeared together in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, while Stellan also has a role in von Trier’s controversial new film, Nymphomaniac.

daisy lowe gavin rossdaleModel Daisy Lowe is the biological daughter of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale

Agent Provocateur model Daisy Lowe, daughter of designer Pearl Lowe, spent most of her life believing that her father was her mother’s ex-husband, Bronner Lowe. However, in 2004 a paternity test established that her father was Bush guitarist/singer, Gavin Rossdale. Yep, the one married to Gwen Stefani.

Rashida Jones is the daughter of legendary record producer Quincy Jones, although she’s managed to be quite a success in her own right. Rashida has starred in a string of big box office movies including The Social Network and The Muppets. You can currently catch her starring alongside Nick Frost in Cuban Fury.

Bryce Dallas Howard may have made a name for herself over the past couple of years, acting in Twilight: Eclipse and Ivy in The Village, but it clearly runs in the genes, her dad is Oscar winning director Ron Howard.

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