Jemima Khan, the English socialite and daughter of LADY ANNABEL and JAMES GOLDSMITH, has spoken to followers on her Twitter page about why she offered to pay the surety money for the bail release of 'Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange, following his arrest yesterday (6th December 2010).
44-year-old Khan attended a Westminster court with several other wealthy donors, including the film director Ken Loach and the writer JOHN PILGER, who together had raised 180,000 pounds in sureties for Assange's release, however, the creator of the infamous whistleblowing website was denied bail. Speaking on her Twitter page, Khan initially said, "I was just in court to provide surety in case bail was granted to Julian Assange of wikileaks. It wasn't. Statement to follow", before explaining why she had offered the money, saying, "I offered my support, as I believe that this is about the universal right of freedom of information and our right to be told the truth".
39-year-old Assange is wanted by officials in Sweden concerning alleged sexual offences that he committed, and he now faces a lengthy battle to avoid extradition. His lawyer MARK STEPHENS said the arrest will not stop WikiLeaks from publishing further confidential documents.