Potentially one of the most important dramas to ever hit the internet is now being aired on Amazon Prime. Starring Jeffrey Tambor as a recently un-closeted transgender parent, 'Transparent' presents a heart-warming story of identity, love and acceptance.

Jeffrey Tambor at Lady Day in New York
Jeffrey Tambor in a very different kind of acting role

Tambor (known for his roles in 'Arrested Development' and 'The Hangover') takes on what could be the most challenging role of his career in 'Transparent'. The series depicts a loving parent named Maura Pfefferman - formerly known as Mort - who has decided after 70-years-old of living that she can no longer dress like the man she physically appears to be. In a brave move, she begins to transform herself into a woman, though it breaks her heart to see her beloved children so shocked and confused. Meanwhile, it seems she's not the only one who has been keeping secrets, and she's certainly not the only one battling inner demons.

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Created by Jill Soloway and also starring Gaby Hoffmann, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass, Melora Hardin and Judith Light as Maura's complicated family, it seems that finally the media world is making huge steps in the enormous issue that is gender dysphoria. While we fell in love with real-life transgender woman Laverne Cox in prison drama 'Orange Is The New Black', it would've been forgivable to assume that to be the last we saw of the issue for a while.

Though gender identity is not a situation that everyone can relate to, Soloway insists the themes behind the plot encompass everyone. 'It's not as much about going from male to female as it's going from living in secret to being yourself', she revealed to the New York Post.

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And even if some of the events in the show are based on actual events, she insists the characters are entirely imaginary. 'The Pfeffermans are not the Soloways, they are their own unique family', she added.

The first ten episodes of 'Transparent' can now be seen on Amazon Prime.