Last night (May 13, 2012), Kim Spradlin was crowned the winner of Survivor: One World. It seems that her crafty plans paid off as she not only won the vote of the jury but she also won a hefty $100,000 bonus for winning the 'fans' favourite' prize after receiving the highest number of votes. "I strategized until I was blue in the face" says Spradlin and it clearly worked.

This year's show saw two 'tribes' of contestants, living on a beach in Samoa and forced to fend for themselves. The original tribes were split by gender. In the girls' team, 29 year-old Kim had worked in alliance with Sabrina Thompson, 33 and Chelsea Meissner, 26, to ensure that they were still standing in the final rounds. The nine-person jury, comprised of former contestants that had been voted off the show, then voted which of the remaining competitors should be crowned the ultimate 'Survivor.' Thompson, who received two of the final jury votes, to Spradlin's seven, said "We were a mess at the beginning, and then we just pulled it together," Associated Press reports today.

Kim's place in the final had been secured after she won four individual immunity challenges. These included two physical challenges at the end of the contest, which saw Christina Cha and Alicia Rosa eliminated from the contest. The show's host Jeff Probst announced that the next season of Survivor will take place in the Philippines and will feature three tribes, rather than two and will also include three former contestants who had to withdraw from the contest due to illness.