THE FLY star Jeff Goldblum is on a personal crusade to improve actors' manners when they appear on chat shows.

The actor always makes sure he's prepared for promotional appearances on TV shows by shaving, dressing smartly and researching clips that might be shown to promote his latest film - and he wishes his aloof peers felt the same way.

A regular viewer of David Letterman's The Late Show, Goldblum is appalled when actors show up drunk and try to play it cool.

Appearing on the show on Monday night (27JUN05), the actor told Letterman he shares his "pet peeve" for stars who pretend they can't be bothered and seem to have no details to support the film clip from the movie they're on the show to plug.

He said, "I see you're always irritated by it... For God's sake they're on the show, they could have put in a little effort. It's not hard.

"If any movie people are watching this show, please, for me, have some respect for the fellow who shaves every day (chat show host). You wanna sell some tickets, act like you know what you're talking about

"It's not charming anymore to go on and say, 'I dunno...' It doesn't fool anybody. There's nothing glamorous about it at all.

"Also actors that misbehave - another pet peeve of mine. I'm ashamed of them."

29/06/2005 09:25