Congratulations are in order for Jeff Goldblum and his girlfriend Emilie Livingston, after the couple became engaged while vacationing in Hawaii. Livingston revealed the engagement over twitter, writing that the actor had proposed on July 8th at the couple’s favourite Los Angeles store. While much has been made of the 30 year age gap between the two lovebirds, (EmilIe is 31, while Goldblum is 61), there’s actually a lot more to learn about the future Mrs Goldblum.

Jeff GoldblumJeff and Emilie are now engaged

1. She’s Canadian

Emilie was born in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada on January 4th 1983. At the age of two she began training in ballet and dance, before taking up artistic gymnastics four years later.

2. And a former Olympian

At aged 10 Emilie moved to Russia to to train with renowned rhythmic gymnastics coaches and chase her Olympic dream. She eventually qualified for the 2000 Sydney Olympics where she came 18th overall in the women’s rhythmic gymnastics.

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3. Who still showcases her talents

Since retire from active competition, Emilie has been putting her unique talents to good use on a number of different projects. Goldblum previously described his fiancee as now doing “Cirque du Soleil-type aerial things”, but he was actually selling her a bit short. She’s showcased her dancing skills in short movies such as Wandering Star and Oblivion, performed at the 2011 American Music Awards as well as the Grammys and appeared in commercials for Fruit of the Loom and Nikon.

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4. But she did appear in a Justin Bieber video

Yes Emilie can be seen in Justin’s 2012 video for ‘Beauty and the Beat', featuring Nicki Minaj.

5. Emilie will be the third Mrs Goldblum

Here’s hoping it will be third time lucky for Jeff, who has two previous marriages to his name. From 1980 to 1986 he was married to his Siverado co-star Patricia Gaul, then a year later he tied the knot with Geena Davis. The couple would star in three movies together until their divorce in 1990.