Jeff Garlin, he of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame, was arrested over the weekend after a heated argument he was involved in became ugly and things turned violent (thanks mainly to Jeff we think). The actor was arrested and charged with vandalism after coming into conflict with a co-worker, all because of a parking space of all things.

The actor, who plays Larry David's manager and equally unintentionally idiotic friend on the hit HBO series, was arrested on Saturday (June 15) for allegedly going ape on a couple's car after he became involved in a high-strung argument over a parking spot in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, who first broke the story, the Wall-E voice-actor was arrested at about 3pm in Studio City after getting into a war of words that resulted in Garlin allegedly smashing the windows of the other person's Mercedes. Moral of the story is, use public transport in LA.

The actor was arrested and taken to the station where he was booked and spent the night in a cell. He was released at around 8am the following day and has yet to comment on the situation, or mention whether Larry will be using it as a premise for an upcoming episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Speaking of Curb, both HBO and David have been keeping mum on a ninth season since the end of season eight in 2011, however both are said to be interested in taking the series out for another season or two. In the meantime, David is working on his new project, Clear History, a new comedy that will air on HBO this August.

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