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12th March 2017

Quote: “He’s a good actor, he’s a good man, John Goodman. He’s one of us, he loves the outdoors and acting. As a showman, he has explored the stages from Los Angeles to New York - we’re talking Broadway here, man - he’s done some weird little movies, too. And he’s lived, like so many men in prior generations have lived their lives. He is a man of his times, a man of our times, and he has become a legend.” Jeff Bridges delivers a touching speech to honour his The Big Lebowski co-star John Goodman as he is inducted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

24th January 2017

Quote: "Woke up this morning in beautiful Solano Beach after playing a cool gig at the Belly Up with my band the Abiders to find out I've been nominated for my performance in 'Hell or High Water'. What a thrill, especially for a movie that is so close to my heart... Woo Hoo! Thanks Academy." Jeff Bridges is celebrating after landing a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for Hell or High Water.

2nd February 2015

Quote: "I thought DudePa would be a good name, but now Gracie, my granddaughter, now she's just shortened it to just 'Doodie'." Jeff Bridges, who played The Dude in cult comedy The Big Lebowski, admits his first grandchild has come up with her own version of his famous character's name.

2nd February 2015

Fact: Jeff Bridges tested his skills as a masseuse on Monday (02Feb15) as he gave America's Today show co-host Savannah Guthrie a special "cranium treatment" live on air. The veteran actor moved his fingers quickly around the presenter's head and urged her to "relax" as he worked his magic.

12th December 2014

Quote: "After reading The Dude and the Zen Master, I have a major crush on Jeff Bridges." Singer Leann Rimes is a huge fan of The Big Lebowski star.

4th August 2014

Fact: Jeff Bridges had the honour of stepping up to the mound at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium on Friday (01Aug14) to throw out the ceremonial first pitch in the Dodgers' game against the Chicago Cubs. However, the actor's star presence failed to propel the home team to victory, losing 8-2 to the Cubs.

31st July 2014

Quote: "The scenes I had with Taylor were all at the piano. We got to jam every once in a while and play between setups, so there was a lot of music going on." Actor/musician Jeff Bridges on working with country superstar Taylor Swift in their upcoming film The Giver, in which she plays his daughter.

24th July 2014

Quote: "I don't watch many of my movies on Tv, but whenever I'm flipping the channels, and I'm a big flipper when I watch Tv, when Lebowski comes up, I think, 'Oh I'll just watch a few scenes', and then I get sucked in, because the scenes are so funny. I particularly like that scene where I'm in the car with the Big Lebowski and he hands me that toe." Jeff Bridges still enjoys watching his cult 1998 film.

17th July 2013

Fact: Actors Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges took turns reading William Kotzwinkle's 1974 novel The Fan Man aloud during breaks on the set of their new movie R.I.P.D. to keep themselves entertained.

13th July 2013

Quote: "I wanted to be called Dudepa... but Gracie, my granddaughter, cut it a little short; I'm not Dudepa, I'm Doody!" Jeff Bridges reveals his granddaughter's odd pet name for him.

3rd March 2013

Quote: "Standard issue is don't get a divorce. We really can't understand what everyone is going through in their minds or lives, but that's what, in our relationship, we have in common together... that we don't always get each other." Veteran actor Jeff Bridges on the secret to his 35-year marriage to Susan Geston.

12th August 2011

Quote: "What a dream that was. Beau, music and Michelle (Pfeiffer), my God - a dream come true!" Jeff Bridges loved working with his brother Beau on The Fabulous Baker Boys.

12th August 2011

Quote: "I'm a product of nepotism. The hardest thing about acting as a profession is getting the break." Jeff Bridges admits his big career break was down to his actor dad Lloyd.

8th February 2011

Fact: Actor Jeff Bridges stole the Kaoru Betto baseball T-shirt he wore as The Dude in The Big Lebowski from his brother Beau.

23rd January 2011

Quote: "I was so eager to thank my director Scott Cooper and I went up there and I said, 'I just gotta tell you how wonderful it was to work with Chris Cooper...' I started to call him Chris. And from the audience, I hear, 'Scott, Scott...' and I notice it's my wife's voice. I'm like, 'Why is she in the middle of my speech...? Oh my God!'" Jeff Bridges on his faux pas at last year's (10) Critics Choice Awards.

17th January 2011

Fact: Stars toasted Sunday night's (16Jan11) Golden Globe nominees with tea on Saturday (15Jan11) at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts' (BAFTA) Tea Party. True Grit star Jeff Bridges, The Town's Ben Affleck and Rabbit Hole star Nicole Kidman were among those at the star-studded annual awards season luncheon at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel, hosted by BAFTA/LA Chairman Nigel Lythgoe.

28th December 2010

Fact: "She was the best assistant I ever had." Jeff Bridges has high praise for his daughter Jessie, who joined him on the set of new film True Grit.

27th December 2010

Fact: True Grit star Jeff Bridges is set to become a first-time grandfather in 2011 - his eldest daughter Isabelle is expecting her first child in April.

20th December 2010

Quote: "Big Eminem fan! No, seriously! Not too hip to Lil Wayne, but Eminem... I'm digging Eminem and his acting too, 8 Mile was great." Veteran actor Jeff Bridges was excited to welcome the rappers as the musical guests during his hosting stint on U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (18Dec10).

27th November 2010

Quote: "I was freaking out, but then I told myself, 'Hey, we're just making a $200 million ($133.3 million) student film. It'll be OK, or it won't.'" Jeff Bridges was a mess of nerves on the set of IRON MAN.

24th November 2010

Quote: "I'm closer to 80 now than I am 35... so it's like, you know that cartoon where he's got the angel and the devil on his shoulder? One guy's saying, 'C'mon man. If there's any s**t you wanna do, you'd better do it now. 'Cause you're gonna die in a moment. It's gonna be over.'" Jeff Bridges contemplates his mortality as he approaches his 61st birthday on 4 December (10).

17th November 2010

Fact: Hollywood actors James Franco and Jeff Bridges, comedian Stephen Colbert and rapper Drake have all been named as Men of the Year by GQ magazine. Each star graces their own cover of the publication's December (10) issue, while Scarlett Johansson features on a fifth to mark her Babe of the Year status.

5th November 2010

Fact: Oscar winner Jeff Bridges has teamed up with the musical minds behind his acclaimed movie CRAZY HEART to record a new album. Songwriter Ryan Bingham and producer T Bone Burnett, who also picked up a 2010 Oscar for the film's song The Weary Kind, will write and produce the album with Bridges.

10th March 2010

Quote: "I'm always excited when I think, 'Oh, I'm going to play a fat guy'. I love eating ice-cream and not working out. I let my hair grow, my body go, and I eat my Haagen-Dazs right before I go to bed." Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges enjoys putting on weight for movie roles.

10th March 2010

Quote: "I'd be up for it if the Coen brothers were." Jeff Bridges would love to reprise his role as The Dude for a sequel to The Big Lebowski.

9th March 2010

Fact: Jeff Bridges had a lucky charm wrapped around his wrist at the Oscars on Sunday (07Mar10) - he wore the gold Rolex watch his father Lloyd wore on the set of 1950s TV show Sea Hunt.

8th March 2010

Quote: "I even voted for Jeff Bridges, so all I know is you sit back and say, 'Jeff, keep your speech short!'" George Clooney fears the Oscars will run long if Best Actor nominee Bridges wins, as expected.

25th February 2010

Quote: "Can you imagine it? Can you put yourself in that position? It's just odd. It's odd, it's tense, and I don't like being tense, I don't like being anxious." Jeff Bridges isn't looking forward to the Academy Awards next month (Mar10), where he is nominated for Best Actor for his part in CRAZY HEART.

22nd February 2010

Quote: "I go from being very anxious about it to being very excited, which is sort of my m.o. (method of operating) about most things in life." Veteran actor Jeff Bridges on turning 60 last December (09).

22nd February 2010

Quote: "Think about it - all movies, everything is about love. And having a family. Then you have a purpose for making the money and doing the things you do. It gives you a grounding, to go off and do your stuff. The kite has a string." Jeff Bridges works hard for his family.

20th January 2010

Fact: Jeff Bridges collects comedy album covers and shows them off on his website.

7th January 2010

Quote: "How many actors can vomit all over themselves and still look sexy?" Michelle Pfeiffer on honouring her THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS co-star Jeff Bridges at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California on Tuesday night (05Jan09).

31st December 2009

Quote: "It's a crime he hasn't won an Oscar." Michelle Pfeiffer is hoping her The Fabulous Baker Boys co-star Jeff Bridges lands an Academy Award for his work in Crazy Heart.

16th December 2009

Quote: "I'm doing Hyundai and I ended up selling myself. I'm reading the lines in the commercials, and I'm thinking, 'You're kidding me! This car goes from 0 to 60 like a Porsche?' I'm reading all the hype and I said, 'Let me try one of these cars.'" Jeff Bridges is a sucker for the commercials he records, and ends up buying the products himself.

19th July 2008

Quote: "We joked that you could probably buy action figures of all of us." British comedian/actor Simon Pegg, the star of the upcoming Star Trek film, jokes about starring alongside IRON MAN's Jeff Bridges, Spider-Man's Kirsten Dunst and Megan Fox from the Transformers franchise in HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS + ALIENATE PEOPLE.

4th May 2008

Quote: "I'd just wear a red, white and blue condom - one over each of my big toes. I'm patriotic." IRON MAN actor Jeff Bridges reveals his latex-laden superhero costume of choice.

18th June 2007

Quote: "They showed that on a plane; can you imagine? I think it was a mistake." Jeff Bridges reveals his film FEARLESS, which features a harrowing plane crash, once terrified passengers on one flight.

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