Oscar winner Jeff Bridges' wife played a saucy prank on her husband while he was shooting a dream sequence on the set of cult 1998 movie The Big Lebowski - she asked dancing extras to stuff their leotards with fake pubic hair.

The Crazy Heart star was required to glide through the open legs of the girls on a skateboard for the scene and during rehearsals he asked if he could chronicle the moment by taking photographs from the viewpoint of his character, The Dude.

The dancers were all more than willing, but little did Bridges know they were setting him up for a practical joke, courtesy of his wife, Susan, who was visiting the set.

He recalls, "I get on the skateboard and I get my camera ready and I look up. There, beneath the leotard, are these tufts of public hair... and as I go to the next lady's vagina, there's more tufts; it's like more ornate, and then the next one, there's more; it's a forest.

"What they had done is they went to the makeup man and they had crepe hair shoved in there."