Jeff Bridges loves to be called The Dude in the street.

The Oscar-winning actor became a cult hero after playing 'The Big Lebowski's loveable but lazy marijuana smoker - referred to as The Dude - and he admits he continues to be proud of the film and the "connection" people have with it.

He said: "'The Big Lebowski' is one of my favourite movies, regardless of whether I'm in it. It's a wonderful movie. I'm proud to be a part of it.

"I love it when people shout 'Dude' at me on the street. I love that connection. The Dude look is still with me now. I wear the mantle of The Dude proudly."

The 61-year-old star took a lot of his inspiration for the clothes he wore in the film -which also starred Julianne Moore, T-Bone Burnett and John Turturro - from his own wardrobe.

He told The Sun newspaper: "A lot of the clothes were mine. Clothes are one of the first things I explore when I look at a character. I went through my wardrobe and found these jelly sandals - and various T-shirts and tops - and used them."