Jeff Bridges says his family is his biggest accomplishment.

Despite racking up a prolific career with 62 films and six Oscar nominations, the 64-year-old actor is most proud of his wife of 37 years, Susan, and their children, Isabelle, 33, Jessie, 31, and Hayley, 28.

He said: ''I have three wonderful daughters - and I give that credit to Sue.

''I love being with them. We have such great times.''

Jeff admits he went through some difficult moments growing up and these days he can't imagine going through life without his wife as a steadying influence.

He said: ''I went through the drug stuff and upset my parents when I was growing up, like all kids. My parents were my example when I looked for my own spouse. I can't imagine not having Susan and her support.''

The 'Giver' star is now determined to make the most of every day.

He told People magazine: ''My goal is to be alive and experience what that means. On a good day I'm up for the challenge.''