Sports star, rock star and astronaut - they’re the dreams, but hardly anyone gets to be even one of those. Unless you’re Jeff Bridges, that is. The actor has turned his hand to country music, and he’s rather good at it.

Sure, most of the fans gathering feverishly at Stagecoach festival were there to see the dude, made famous by The Big Lebowski. But it’s not as though Bridges’ music should be considered a novelty. At 63, he was inspired to pursue his artistic ambitions after playing a washed-up musician in 2009's Crazy Heart. Earlier this week, the star spoke to the Los Angeles Times about his motivation for focusing on music: “I thought, if I'm ever going to realize the teenage dream of having a band and going on the road and making records, now is the time,” he explained. “It's a bit surreal, doing this so late in life. The truth is, I've been doing it all along; it's just cresting now. I'm so glad the muscle hasn't atrophied. It's working well, I'm playing with my buddies, and we're all out there having a good time.”

So will Bridges give up on the on-screen career for a fully-fledged attempt at musical stardom? We hope not, not if his performance in True Grit was anything to go by. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy the tones of Bridges’ guitar, we just prefer his larger than life silver screen persona.

Jeff BridgesBridges on that guitar - it looks right