What the merry hell is going on here? Jedward covering Adele’s Skyfall? Where’s Louis Walsh when you need him? He would never stand for such grotesque displays of serious musicianship! That’s right, folks, Jedward, at the ripe old age of 21, seem to have decided to grow up a little bit and it seems that they want us to start taking them seriously now.

The fringes have been flattened, the Ritalin’s back on prescription and they’re even wearing smart shirts, buttoned all the way up to the top (even if they’re not tucked in… tut!), in an attempt to prove to us that they are ready to be taken seriously as musicians. Not to the extent that they’ll, like, write their own songs or anything, but what they have proven is that at least of them (sorry, we’re not sure which one it is) can play the guitar and the other one can do a really good ‘serious face’ whilst he sings.

And the song that they’ve chosen to practise being all serious with is Adele’s Bond themes tune, ‘Skyfall.’ To be fair to them, over all, it’s a solid effort. They almost manage to hold the tune all the way through and… um… they have lovely eyes. But other than that, it’s just dead creepy. Because they are Jedward. And they are doing creepy serious faces at the camera. And they clearly have no idea what they are singing about. And nor do we.

 You can make your own minds up about Jedward’s new serious direction by watching the video here: