Electronica 1: The Time MAChine will also feature collaborations with M83, Little Boots, Tangerine Dream, DJ Armin van Buuren, Massive Attack star 3D and Lang Lang.

The album is set for release on 16 October (15) and talking about the project, Jarre tells WENN, "I've wanted to tell a story for a while regarding electronic music history and its legacy from my point of view and experience, from when I started to nowadays.

"So I planned to compose for and collaborate with an array of artists who are, directly or indirectly linked to this scene, with people I admire for their singular contribution to our genre, that represent a source of inspiration for me over the last four decades I have been making music, but who also have an instantly recognisable sound.

"At the outset, I had no idea how this project would evolve, but I was delighted that everybody I reached out to accepted my invitation."

DJ van Buuren admits he was thrilled to get the call: "Jean-Michel is a big inspiration for me. He has really been one of the reasons why I went into electronic music. He was a pioneer in many ways, and I was really inspired by that."

And Moby, who recorded new track Suns Have Gone with the keyboard virtuoso, adds, "It would be very easy for him to sit in Paris and just email with people and have them send things back, but to actually physically go to sit down with everyone, on multiple occasions and to be in a studio with people and really push them to almost look at different parts of themselves as musicians... I think that really will make this album quite interesting.

"To me, it's not just about electronic music collaborations, it's about humans coming together and collaborating in a very unique way."