Jean Dujardin wants to make another silent film.

The French actor - whose Best Actor prize was one of five his movie 'The Artist' picked up at last night's (26.02.12) Academy Awards - has some ideas of where he wants his career to go and admits he would happily record another voiceless project if it helped his chances of mainstream success in Hollywood.

He said: ''I'm not an American actor, I'm French and I continue in France.

''If I could make another silent movie In America, I would. But I'll always be a French actor in America. Nonetheless, there are a few ideas I would like to develop.''

Jean had a lot of ''fun'' working on 'The Artist' and researched the role by watching old movies, which he insists meant his preparation wasn't difficult.

Speaking backstage at the Oscars, he said: ''It was not really intellectual, and I'm not an intellectual. No, I watched a lot of movies. Douglas Fairbanks movies, Gene Kelly movies. I had fun pretending to be a movie star in 1920s.''