Jean-Claude Van Damme is flattered to be a gay icon.

The action man has a lot of fans in the gay community and finds it a huge compliment because they have such good taste.

He said: "Most gay people are very tasty people - they like beautiful stuff in their lives. If they like me, it means they have taste. They don't follow me for my butt shots. They like me for me."

While he is flattered to be a gay icon, Jean-Claude - who has been dubbed 'The Muscles From Brussels' - says women are still his speciality.

He told the Sabotage Times: "If you fight a lot, you know about The Ring. If you eat a lot, you know about food. I've been married five times, so I know a lot about women."

Jean-Claude also revealed how he indulges every Sunday and believes that helps keep him in shape.

He said: "You have to indulge. Me, I eat terribly every Sunday. When Sunday comes around, that's my licence to eat and drink whatever I please. But Monday, I go back to the gym and I stay there until Sunday comes around again."