Whilst everyone was slapping Jean Claude Van Damme on the back and attesting fully his lad credentials, after he admitted he had an affair with Kylie Minogue, it seems that one person had been completely in the dark about the whole thing all this time - the wife he cheated on at the time of it, Darcy LaPier. She isn't very happy about it.
LaPier was Van Damme's fourth wife - he's now married to his fifth wife, who was also his third wife, if that makes any sense - and although their marriage rarely seemed a happy one, she's nonetheless upset to have found out about the 1994 affair with Van Damme's 'Street Fighter' co-star Kylie via the media. "I was shocked he would talk to the press about this all these years later to gain some notoriety. I didn't know about it, I have had my feelings hurt and I feel betrayed," LaPier exclusively told Fox. "There is a lot of water under the bridge between us, but the fact is I was pregnant with our son at the time. He's almost 17 now and I wouldn't want him finding out all of this and being hurt by it too."
Oh dear. The worst thing is it appears that this is only the latest in a long line of things that Van Damme has let her down on, as she added "I plan to see the 'Expendables 2,' it looks like an amazing movie. I hope it does really well because he hasn't paid child support in seven years. He thinks because he is now lives out of the U.S. he doesn't have to pay what he owes." Ouch.