Actress Jayma Mays was tempted to wear the prosthetic pregnant belly she dons in new movie The Smurfs during a night out - because she loved the special treatment she received from members of the public during filming.
The Glee star plays the pregnant wife of Neil Patrick Harris' character in the live action family comedy and she was pleasantly surprised every time she stepped out on the streets of New York to shoot the film.
She tells WENN, "I was pregnant (in the role). I was wearing the (prosthetic) belly which was great by the way. People are so nice to you when you wear a belly, like (they) open doors for you or ask you if you're hungry or need water. I did want to go to a bar with the belly on and just drink some shots!"
But May admits walking around with the bulging belly felt a little strange, because it gave her a glimpse into her own future.
She adds, "I've had to wear a belly once before for a job and you look in the mirror and it's weird and think, 'one day,' because I might have kids one day and this is what it's gonna look like. I think it probably freaked my husband out more than it freaked me out."