Kanye and Jay Z Perform

South By Southwest In Full Swing: The annual Texas celebration of music, film and art has kicked off in Austin and is proving as successful and exciting as ever. As usual, the evening's music festival events have proven the most popular news stories worldwide, thanks to live streaming of some of the event's biggest shows. This week we've seen Brit rockers Coldplay take to a stripped-back stage to perform songs from upcoming album Ghost Stories, Lady Gaga get puked upon voluntarily in a stomach-churning finale and a 'Watch The Throne' reunion from world-conquering rappers Jay Z and Kanye West.

A 'Mean Girls' Musical?: Tina Fey has whipped her legion of Mean Girls fans into a frenzy this week after she ruled that there would be no official sequel to her oft-quoted 2004 teen classic. However, she did throw us a bone when she revealed that she and her composer husband are developing a stage musical based on the comedy. As the film's 10 year anniversary creeps into view this could be the perfect way to celebrate. Find out more here.

Noah The Movie

'Noah' Is Banned In The Middle East: Darren Aronofsky's new biblical epic Noah has been banned in several Middle Eastern countries after Islamic faith organisations ruled that the film, which is based upon a story found in both the Christian Bible and the Islamic Qu'ran, would cause religious provocation if it was screened. Watch the trailer. Apparently the issue lies in the visual depiction of a prophet - something that is forbidden within Islam. Read more here.

'300: Rise Of An Empire' Conquers The Box Office: The only R-rated movie to be released for weeks, 300: Rise of an Empire has swept up during its first box office weekend despite poor reviews. Read ours here. The fantasy action sequel drew fans in their marauding hoards, keen to imbibe a little more of the blood-soaked debauchery and gruesome fight scenes that made Empire's predecessor so infamous. Watch the trailer here. Zack Snyder's movie viciously saw off competition from kids comedy Mr. Peabody & Sherman, scooping up $45m in the US alone.

Big Bang Theory

Three More Years For 'The Big Bang Theory': Hit CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for three more seasons, pushing the Jim Parsons-lead comedy into the exclusive 10 season club of successful TV shows. The show has gone from strength-to-strength since it made its debut in 2007, with the main cast members having been awarded mega pay rises. Read the full story here.

Jay Z And Daft Punk Collide: French electro duo Daft Punk had a hit with their Kanye West on 'Stronger' and it was still a welcome surprise when the smooth rap/electro Jay Z collaboration 'Computerized' leaked on the internet this week. The song takes a step back in time to when the mysterious pair were all sterile synths and vocoder loops with Jay's verse layered on top. The song's authenticity has apparently been confirmed with fans racing to work out when it was recorded and why it wasn't released. Listen for yourself here.

Video Of The Week - 'Let It Go' From 'Frozen': When will we get this irresistible and addictive Disney tune out of our head? We can still hear echoes from the sweet yet powerful ballad after Idina Menzel performed the Oscar-winning Frozen soundtrack song at the Oscars a fortnight ago. Watch the music video here. However, certain individuals have condemned the singalong tune, as well as its Academy-awarded movie for allegedly promoting homosexuality, bestiality and satan. We're serious.