Jay Z has taken advantage of being director of new arena the Barclays Center by offering his fans some darn cheap tickets for his three concerts recently announced for the venue at the end of September. Jigga will be calling into the venue in New York on September 28th until the 30th and has put 7000 of the tickets available - nearly half of the capacity - for sale at a hugely reasonable $29.50.
Of course, the tickets aren't the best seats in the house, but with over 7000 to choose from in the upper bowl you're not going to be found wanting for a view. Anyone wanting a fancier spot will be shelling out anywhere between $59.50 and $254.50 for the privilege, but to put it into some perspective, Barabra Streisand plays the same venue on October 11th and 13th and will be charging more than $700 for her best seats. The arena in total has a capacity of 18,200 when used primarily for basketball, however when a concert is on around 3,600 of them have to come off sale as they would be situated behind the stage.
Speaking to the New York Daily News, fans seemed appreciative of Jay Z's gesture, seeing it as proof that he's never forgotten his roots. "I don't think I would do the same thing. He has a lot of pride being from Brooklyn so he's probably trying to give back to the community. I'm definitely going to go," said Chelien Brown, 21, of Bush.