The hip-hop mogul has been locked in a California court battle with Osama Ahmed Fahmy since 2007, after he alleged Jay Z's hit song violated his rights to his uncle Baligh Hamdy's composition, Khosara, Khosara, which was released in 1957.

Jay Z has maintained the song is protected under a previous licensing agreement made by his track's producer Timbaland, but he faces a trial date later this year (15) if he and Fahmy cannot come to an agreement.

The plaintiff is reportedly seeking the financial paperwork to show how much the rapper made during each concert he performed the track and claims the 99 Problems hitmaker's criminal past is relevant because he allegedly stole the track, but a judge has ruled the case will be split into separate liability and damages phases.

Judge Christina Snyder's ruling on Wednesday (16Sep15) means jurors will not hear information about Jay Z's wealth unless he is found liable of copyright infringement.

A trial date has been set for next month (Oct15).