Given that his success is forever growing, any moment in Jay-Z's career has been counted as 'the height' at one point or another, always eventually superseded by breaking a new record, or by marrying someone else at the top of their game, or filling the bank with more money. So, even though he's at the height of his career, this weekend Jay-Z chose to ride the subway to attend his own concert at Barclay's in NYC.

Jay-Z took his name from the J/Z line in the NYC subway, the line that ran through his own neighbourhood while growing up. However, it was the R-line that the rapper and producer opted for, returning to New York to perform 8 live shows at the Barclay's Centre in Brooklyn, which hosts the Brooklyn Nets basketball team for whom Jay-Z is a stakeholder. He was snapped mid conversation with an elderly passenger whom he sat next to.

Beyonce, his wife, showed up to perform a duet of their song Crazy In Love, showing that they are still both crazy in love as Jay-Z was so mesmerized watching his wife and mother of his child on a screen backstage that he forgot to come at the right moment, exclaiming, as reported by the Daily Mail, "Oh s**t, I should probably rap here!"

Jay-Z will be releasing a special digital EP of the series of concerts on iTunes called 'Live in Brooklyn' and will be available from Tuesday 9th October, including 8 songs and 8 videos from the 8 day run in his old neighbourhood. It will retail at $9.99.