Review of Show Me What You Got Single by Jay Z

Jay Z
Show Me What You Got
Single Review

Jay Z Show Me What You Got Single

Jay Z returns with an uplifting, throw ya hands up and let's party, but still credible hip hop cut.

2006 has been a void of good R&B and Hip Hop. If we are honest Jay Z coming back might not be the saving grace of 2006 but it might set us up for a good start to 2007. Boy, does the scene need a good year in 2007 because 2006 has been a near disaster.

It is a track that has Jay Z's style stamped all over it and it really does show he has been sorely missed. Drums and horns are a plenty as are the samples, but it is very funky and very uplifting and is a must for the club floors.

Real Urban Appeal 4/5 Hit Appeal 4/5

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