After rumours that NBC was planning to dump late night host Jay Leno in favor of Jimmy Fallon next year, the veteran hasn’t taken it lightly, to say the least.

Ever since NBC made the confusing announcement (confusing because Leno is currently the network’s highest performer in ratings) the Tonight Show host has been slipping subtle (or not quite) jabs at NBC execs into his monologues. During a taping of the show yesterday, he directed not one, but two quips at NBC. First was the obvious strike: “Doctors in Canada were shocked after pulling a three-inch knife blade from the back of a 32-year old man. The knife had been in there for three years! Imagine that, the guy had a knife in his back for three years. He must’ve worked at NBC too. I was stunned by that.”

Ouch! We don’t know if the execs caught that one, but it certainly lets you know where Leno’s mind is. Later, he went for a milder approach: “Have you heard about this alleged feud that I’m having with NBC? I think it’s going to be OK. This is real: I had dinner last night with a bunch of NBC executives. To make it up to me, what they did, they are sending my wife and I on an all expenses paid Carnival cruise. How about that? So it looks like it’s going to be OK. Fantastic!”

To be fair, part of that last one is true – Leno did have dinner with NBC execs earlier this week, but judging by his jokes about the network’s transition plans, it hasn’t exactly gone well. Oh well, at least this newly sarcastic Leno might be entertaining to watch.

Jay Leno, Hollywood Walk of Fame
NBC's plans to retire Leno don't really make sense, since he's the networks best performer in ratings.