The last ever 'Tonight Show', hosted by Jay Leno, aired this past Thursday (Feb 6th).

The 63 year-olds stint at the NBC talks-show lasted for over two decades and in his final closing monologue, tears began to flow.

Leno is about to hand over the reins to the younger comedian Jimmy Fallon, but before this finally takes place, he wanted to have the last say.

After describing hosting the 'Tonight Show' as "the best job in show business", Jay made it clear that he was not pleased with being forced to leave.

"I don't like goodbyes. NBC does, I don't," Leno said to the millions of viewers and in-studio audience. "Well, tonight is our last show for real. I don't need to get fired three times, I get the hint."

While recalling his time hosting the show Leno joked, "When I started hosting, Justin Bieber wasn't even born yet." Adding, "That's why we called those 'the good old days.'"

But then the emotional host praised the audience and viewing public over the years, who have supported the celebrated TV personality through an up-and-down career.

"I want to thank you guys. You folks have been just incredibly loyal," he said, while getting emotional.

"I am the luckiest guy in the world," he added. "I got to meet presidents, astronauts, movie stars. It's just been incredible."

In a taped message, President Barack Obama even addressed Leno, congratulating him on a lengthy career, but did not waste this opportunity to get his own joke in there.

"Jay, you've made a whole lot of jokes about me over the years, but do not worry, I'm not upset," the president said. "On a totally unrelated note, I've decided to make you my new ambassador to Antarctica. Hope you've got a warm coat, funny man."

Watch Jay Leno's final farewell below