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20th January 2015

Quote: "I just hope I don't have to (go). They didn't ask me, which suits me just fine. I usually give myself one-to-three suit days a year; if that has to be one of them, well so be it. I'd rather wear pyjama pants and order chicken and pet my cat." Actor Jay Baruchel hopes he doesn't have to go to the Oscars to support his nominated film How to Train Your Dragon 2.

15th June 2013

Quote: "I still find pairs of his underwear that he lent me. I think I pooed myself one time and we were about to go out some place and I said, 'Hey bud... I'm just gonna chuck these in the garbage, you got a spare for me?' So he took the crappiest pair and (gave them to me). He was also my go-to barber for years." Funnyman Jay Baruchel enjoyed living with pal and This is the End co-star Seth Rogen when they were struggling actors.

21st April 2009

Fact: British actor Toby Kebbell has signed up for a spellbinding role - as a celebrity illusionist in new film THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. KEBBELL will co-star alongside Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel and Teresa Palmer in the Jerry Bruckheimer production, based on a scene on animated Disney classic Fantasia.

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