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Colossal Review

Very Good

It's rare to find a movie that so defiantly refuses to be put into a genre box. Is this a drama? A black comedy? A pointed exploration of alcoholism? A buddy adventure? A giant monster movie? The answer is that it's all of these things, often at the same time. And this offbeat tone makes it seriously riveting, anchored by wonderfully unshowy performances by Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis.

It opens in Manhattan, as Gloria (Hathaway) returns from yet another drunken night out. And her boyfriend (Dan Stevens) has finally had enough. He throws her out, so she returns to her childhood hometown, where she runs into old classmate Oscar (Sudeikis), another drunk who now owns the local bar and offers her a job there working with Garth and Joel (Tim Blake Nelson and Austin Stowell). Then she starts noticing that her inebriated behaviour seems to be controlling a huge monster that's currently attacking Seoul, Korea. And when she gets Oscar, Garth and Joel to help her test this theory, things really begin to get strange.

More: Anne Hathaway talks post-genre filmmaking

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Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Announce Arrival Of Second Child

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde has announced the arrival of her second child with fiancé Jason Sudeikis.

On Saturday the ‘Vinyl’ actress shared the happy news on Instagram, posting a sweet photo of newborn daughter Daisy Josephine Sudeikis.

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Jason Sudeikis Channelled His Rage Into Angry Birds

Jason Sudeikis

Now he's playing the leading role in The Angry Birds Movie, an animated adventure based on the phone-app game. But he found the job a bit lonely, recording his character's lines in a sound studio in Manhattan. "The one thing that you miss, and the biggest difference, is the interaction," Sudeikis says. "The chemistry that comes across on-screen is actually created by the people that did the sound mixing and the animation. They make the real magic happen by making it appear as if we're all in the same place at the same time. And for me, who spends most of my time working in ensembles, I miss that. But you get to have that on the other side when you meet up and travel around selling the film!"

Sudeikis admits that he didn't know much about Angry Birds before he got the role ("I've spent more time being in the game than playing the game"), but he loved the script by Jon Vitti, a veteran comedy writer who has worked on everything from The Simpsons to The Office. And he found his character Red a challenge. "He's the definition of angry," he laughs. "Red is a contrarian. He's a little frustrated. He's definitely the black sheep. He reminds me of Jack Nicholson from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!"

The Angry Birds - Red and the Pigs

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Mother's Day Trailer

Mother's Day is the latest in the series of Garry Marshall's films which include Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. The film follows a group of families in the run up to mother's day. There's Sandy, a single mom of two boys; Bradley who's a single father looking after his daughters and many more. The thing that connects all the different people in this film is that they're all connected by women - or the lack of. 

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Race Trailer

Race follows the life of athlete Jesse Owens and more specifically his athletic career as he embarked on his journey to the 1936 Olympics. Jesse was fast on the track, he constantly beat his competition and when he began training with Ohio State University coach Larry Snyder, he was pinned to be the best of the best. One of the major problems that faced him was that the 1932 games were set to take place in Germany which was ruled by the Nazis.

Being a black athlete, Jesse often faced discrimination and when he finally gained a place on the Olympic field team, Jesse was put under pressure by some of the community to send a message to the Nazi regime and equally a message of support to show solidarity with the oppressed people of Germany.

Jesse had to find a way to fulfil his dream and represent himself, what he stands for and to also win a medal for the people of USA who are counting on him to 'beat those Nazis' who viewed African Americans as inferior beings.

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis And Charlie Day Return In The Regrettable 'Horrible Bosses 2'

Jason Bateman Jason Sudeikis Charlie Day Jennifer Aniston

Every year we get a few new examples of sequels no-one asked for; follow-ups to movies that weren't particularly memorable to begin with but for whatever reason made enough cash to spawn a second instalment in the feeble hope that a franchise might be in the making.

Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman in 'Horrible Bosses 2'
[L-R] Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman in 'Horrible Bosses 2'

The current example is 'Horrible Bosses 2', the continuing adventures of three morons (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) who spectacularly failed to take care of their boss problems the first time around. The prime selling point for the original film was Jennifer Aniston talking dirty, so of course that role has been beefed up considerably this time. But critics have slammed the sequel for being even more vacuous than its predecessor.

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Jason Sudeikis Lands Lead Voice Role In 'Angry Birds' Movie

Jason Sudeikis

The upcoming Angry Birds movie looks to have a strong ‘Saturday Night Live’ connection as a number of stars set to provide voiceovers were revealed.

Jason Sudeikis Angry Birds
Sudeikis has landed the lead voice role in the upcoming movie adaptation of 'Angry Birds'

'SNL'’s Jason Sudeikis will receive top billing by voicing Red, the instantly recognisable face of the Angry Birds brand. Former co-stars of his will play supporting roles, including Bill Hader as a pig and Maya Rudolph as Matilda. ‘Game of Thrones’s Peter Dinklage will play the Mighty Eagle, which some will see as ticklingly appropriate, while Josh Gad will voice Chuck and Danny McBride will feature as the exploding bomb.

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Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Welcome Baby Otis Into The World

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis

Babies, babies everywhere! The latest addition to the Hollywood brood is little Otis, the newborn son of powerhouse couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis. The 30-year-old reportedly gave birth on Sunday. A twitter announcement followed not long after. She posted a black and white snapshot of herself, snuggling with the tiny newborn.

Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde
Congratulations to the new parents!

“Ladies and gentlemen, Otis Alexander Sudeikis has LEFT the building! (I'm the building),” tweeted Wilde, who has starred in films including Rush and Her.

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Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Are Expecting Their First Child Together

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wile (29) and her fiancé Jason Sudeikis (38) are excepting their first child together.

People exclusively reported the news and a source close to the couple told the magazine, "They are incredibly happy, they're very excited to welcome a new member into their family."

The couple met in 2011 on the set of the season finale of 'Saturday Night Live' and they became engaged just after Christmas in January of this year (2013).

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Seth Meyers Weds Long-Time Partner Alexi Ashe

Seth Meyers Olivia Wilde Allison Williams Jimmy Fallon Jack McBrayer Jake Gyllenhaal Jason Sudeikis Kristen Wiig Will Forte Kenan Thompson Jay Leno

Seth Meyers has married his long-term girlfriend, human rights lawyer Alexi Ashe, in an intimate ceremony this weekend. The couple exchanged vows in front of a select number of family and friends at the small venue in Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts. Congratulations to the both of them!

Seth Meyers Girlfriend Oscars
Seth & Alexi exchanged vows on Sunday, 1 September

The Saturday Night Live writer and oft-star Meyers proposed to his girlfriend a little over a month ago and with seemingly no time to spare the two married promptly in a secret ceremony that was littered with famous faces. US Weekly were the first to report the celebrity wedding, noting that the couple held a rehearsal dinner outside at the Beetlebung Farm House the night before the big day.

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A Week In Movies: Jennifer Promotes The Millers, Angelina Goes Evil, Coogan Moves Beyond Alan Partridge

Jennifer Aniston Jason Sudeikis Will Poulter Rachel McAdams Bill Nighy Angelina Jolie Steve Coogan Mark Wahlberg Saoirse Ronan Spike Jonze

We're the Millers

We're the Millers had a huge premiere in London this week, and stars Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis and Will Poulter were all over town promoting the film before walking the blue carpet in Leicester Square. It opened in the US last week, and hits Britain next week. Here's a video of Jennifer Aniston leaving Los Angeles for the London premiere. Here we have pictures of Jennifer Aniston braving rainy London for 'We're The Millers' Premiere.

Also in London, Rachel McAdams attended the world premiere of her new movie About Time, about a guy who travels back in time to find himself a girlfriend. She was accompanied by costars Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson, plus filmmaker Richard Curtis, at Somerset House, where the premiere screening was held outdoors. The film opens next month. Click here for pictures from the premiere and the trailer for Richard Curtis' rom-com 'About Time'.

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Video - Jason Sudeikis And His Fiance Olivia Wilde Arrive At 'We're The Millers' NY Premiere - Part 2

'Horrible Bosses' star Jason Sudeikis was among the cast who arrived for the New York premiere of crime comedy 'We're The Millers' held at the Ziegfeld Theater. He was joined by his fiancé 'Tron' star Olivia Wilde, his co-star Will Poulter, Sami Gayle from 'Blue Bloods' and New York Knicks basketball player Iman Shumpert.

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Mumford & Sons Fans Pranked By Masquerading Comedians In 'Hopeless Wanderer' [Video]

Mumford And Sons Jason Sudeikis Ed Helms Will Forte Jason Bateman

The video begins just like any other Mumford & Sons vid; nothing to suspect here. Rays of sunlight obscure the banjo twanging members as they play in the middle of a country field. There's out of focus striding through long grass and slow motion walking up a dirt track with their folk instruments. There's no reason to believe the band on video could be any other performers than the British folksters themselves.

Mumford & Sons
The Group Let Themselves Be Parodied.

That is, until the sun-streaked dust clears and our suspicions are aroused. Is that really Marcus Mumford? Isn't Ted Dwane's beard looking a bit raggier than usual? Wait a minute - that worn, rustic, wooden instrument isn't really being played. They're fakes!

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After SNL, Where Does Jason Sudeikis Go Next?

Jason Sudeikis Bill Hader Fred Armisen Andy Samberg Seth Meyers Kristen Wiig Jennifer Aniston Emma Roberts Seth Gordon Jason Bateman Charlie Day

Jason Sudeikis, the most high profile member of the Saturday Night Live cast, has announced he will not be returning to the show in the fall. Sudeikis is following comedians Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg, Seth Meyers and Kristen Wiig out of the long-running show, leaving NBC bosses with a dilemma on their hands as they seek to keep the show relevant, popular and most of all funny for its 39th season.

Sudeikis, who has worked on the show for 10 years, announced the news during a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman,

"Yeah, I'm going to leave. Yeah, I'm not coming back next fall." he told the veteran host, to a bewildered audience. Letterman had apparently not heard of the departure and began asking the actor questions about life working on the show, with the 37-year-old dropping the bombshell shortly after.

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Jason Sudeikis Leaving Saturday Night Live For Good, After 8 Years

Jason Sudeikis Seth Meyers David Letterman Kristen Wiig

US actor Jason Sudeikis has revealed on the Late Show With David Letterman that the most recent season of entertainment show Saturday Night Live was his last, adding to Bill Hader and Fred Armisen's announcements that they too were leaving and Kristen Wiig's 2012 exit. The cast is set to dwindle further in 2014 when Seth Meyers leaves to take overhosting duties from Jimmy Fallon on Late Night after the Winter Olympics next year.

jason sudeikis
Not The Face Of SNL Any More.

After being asked how long it's possible for someone to last on a show, Sudeikis replied "A person can go as long as they want. Lorne [Michaels, SNL producer] has been kicking butt at it for 33 of the 38 years. But me, yeah, no I'm definitely done. I'm going to leave, I'm not coming back next fall, no." The actor/comedian spent eight years as a performer on the show and two years as a writer; his exit confirmation comes after 10 seasons at SNL. According to USA Today, Sudeikis had originally planned to make his exit in 2012 but was convinced by Michaels to stay so he could play Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during the presidential election season.

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As Jason Sudeikis Takes His Bow, SNL Is Left In Crisis

Jason Sudeikis Olivia Wilde David Letterman Jennifer Aniston Fred Armisen Bill Hader Kristen Wiig Seth Meyers Jason Mraz Harry Connick Jr. Miley Cyrus

Jason Sudeikis, the most high profile member of the Saturday Night Live cast, has confirmed he is leaving the show and will not feature on the new series.

The veteran announced the news on Wednesday's The Late Show With David Letterman, saying he's "definitely done" after 10 years on the late-night NBC comedy staple.

"I'm definitely done," he told Letterman. "I'm not coming back next fall." The actor is currently starring in the comedy flick 'We're the Millers' with Jennifer Aniston and is engaged to his former co-star on The O.C, Olivia Wilde

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A Week In Movies: The Hangover Saga Ends, The Hunger Games Cast Talk Catching Fire And Jennifer Aniston Plays A Stripper

Bradley Cooper Zach Galifianakis Ed Helms Steven Soderbergh Jennifer Lawrence Sam Claflin Francis Lawrence Jennifer Aniston Jason Sudeikis Forest Whitaker Zack Snyder Henry Cavill

The Hangover III

The big global release this week is The Hangover Part III, and the cast has been jetting around the world for premieres in Los Angeles and London, where fans screamed at actors Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Ken Jeong as they paraded up the red carpet. The critical response hasn't been quite as positive.

The 66th Cannes Film Festival winds down this weekend in France. Critics are praising new films by Steven Soderbergh (Behind the Candelabra starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon), Alexander Payne (Nebraska with Bruce Dern) and the Coen Brothers (Inside Llewyn Davis with break-out actor Oscar Isaac). They weren't so thrilled by Ryan Gosling's reunion with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn for Only God Forgives, although they praised costar Kristin Scott Thomas for going far against type.

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SNL Says Goodbye To Armisen, Sudeikis And Hader In A Season Finale To Remember

Jason Sudeikis Bill Hader Fred Armisen Ben Affleck

Last night’s season finale of Saturday Night Live was filled with nostalgia, as Ben Affleck returned to host for the fifth time, while cast members Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader bowed out with their final SNL show.

It was an unusual hosting turn for Affleck, who gave his opening monologue with wife Jennifer Garner by his side and devoted the moment to an apology to her (of sorts). Affleck raised a couple of eyebrows with his Oscar acceptance speech earlier this month, when he mentioned that his marriage to the actress was “work”. In front of the SNL cameras, however, he was all remorse, saying: “I couldn’t do any of the things I do without you” and so on and so forth, until Garner jokingly noted that he was, in fact, just reading from the cue cards. Oh well, it was a noble try anyway.

But the night definitely belonged to Hader, Armisen and Sudeikis, all of whom went out on a high note with their final sketch performing with Armisen's Brit punk character and singing "It's a Lovely Day." Carrie Brownstein, who works with Fred Armisen on the sketch comedy series Portlandia also joined in the festivities, as did the Sex Pistols' Steve Jones, singer Aimee Mann and others. This time the promos weren't deceiving. One thing is for sure: the SNL team definitely knows how to put on a finale.

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Saturday Night Live Is Cast Member Short After Bill Hader's Departure

Bill Hader Seth Meyers Jason Sudeikis

Let’s shed a collective tear for Bill Hader leaving SNL. Not for Hader himself of course, as we all know that talented comedians who had their start on the sketch show usually do quite well for themselves. And Emmy-nominated Hader certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down. No, what will be missed are Hader’s characters, starting with the overly caffeinated “Weekend Update” city correspondent, Stefon. Yes, Hader is probably moving on to bigger and better things, but who will tell us what New York’s hottest club is now?

“It was a hard decision, but it has to happen at some point,” Mr. Hader said in an interview. “It got to a point where I said, ‘Maybe it’s just time to go.’ ”

Hader, 34, has had an impressive run on SNL. After joining as a featured performer in 2005, he was soon promoted to a full-time castmember and went on to create some memorable impersonations of people like James Carville, Al Pacino, Vincent Price and Julian Assange. The actor isn’t the only one leaving SNL of late though. This large-scale departure of talent, including writer/castmember Seth Meyeres (who is leaving to replace Jimmy Fallon on The Late Show) as well as possibly Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis, could pose a problem for the show.

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Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Engaged, Second Time's A Charm

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis

For most people the hope is that you marry once and it lasts forever, however that is less and less likely, and even more so in the upper echelons of 'celebrity'. However, second marriages are often the one that sticks. 

The engagement between House's Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis from Saturday Night Live was revealed in People magazine over the weekend. It will be the second marriage for both of them, so a US Weekly source said "they've both been married, so they've already experienced that and know what it entails. [Jason] finally found the one that made him want to commit," the source adds. "They've both been through it before and this has just felt right from the get-go. Everyone is happy for them."

Speaking to USA Today she revealed how excited she is about being a Mom one day: "Yes, yes, absolutely. I think it would be great." She said, "My mom was a great example of having a professional life and having a kid. It can be done. No one is saying it's easy. But I'm totally inspired by the idea of being a badass working professional mom.. I'm so into my dog. I can't imagine how I will smother my child." 

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Forget The Globes, Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Are Engaged!

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis James Franco Liam Neeson Mila Kunis

Well, they kept this one quiet. Or maybe Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis chose to announce their engagement just before the Golden Globes to keep things on the down low? The Change-Up actress confirmed the news over the weekend, tweeting on Sunday, "Thanks for all the sweet congratulatory love, friends! And may I compliment your savvy use of that nifty engagement ring emoticon."

A source told US Weekly magazine that funny-man Sudeikis, 37, popped the questions shortly after the festive holidays. "He finally found the one that made him want to commit.They've both been through it before and this has just felt right from the get go. Everyone is happy for them." It will be the second wedding for both stars:  Jason was previously married to the Pitch Perfect screenwriter Kay Cannon for six years, while Olivia was married to documentarian Tao Ruspoli for eight years before splitting in 2011. During a Glamour magazine event in October, Wilde opened up about the end of her marriage, saying, "I felt like my vagina died. Turned off. Lights out . . . you can lie to your relatives at Christmas dinner and tell them everything on the home front is just peachy. But you cannot lie to your vagina." She later boasted that she and Sudeikis "have sex like Kenyan marathon runners."

The actress is currently shooting Paul Haggis' romantic-drama The Third Person, about three interlocking love stories involving three couples in Rome, Paris and New York. The movie also stars James Franco, Liam Neeson and Mila Kunis.

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Olivia Wilde Engaged To Jason Sudeikis Over The Holidays

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a great career in Hollywood must be in want of a wife, especially if said wife is a powerhouse actress in her own right, and Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are once again confirming the rule.

Sudekis proposed to the House actress shortly after the holidays, according to a report in People magazine and how could she say “no”? The pair have been dating since November 2011 and moved in together last year. Not being able to get any privacy doesn’t seem to have affected their relationship too much and despite being very public with their displays of affection, Wilde (28) has said previously that she has fallen “blissfully, hopelessly, wildly in love”. Seems only logical then, that she would jump at the chance to take her relationship with the 37-year-old Sudeikis to the next level. The couple has been spotted jet-setting around the world and most recently in Rome, where Wilde is had at work, filming her upcoming dramatic flick The Third Person.

No wedding date has been announced yet, but if the pair plan on tying the knot this year, they will have some pretty packed schedules to balance, with Olivia’s next film The Incredible Burt Wonderstone being released in March and Rush, directed by Ron Howard in September. Meanwhile, Sudeikis also has a couple of films in the pipes this year, including the animated film Epic in May and We're the Millers, costarring Jennifer Aniston, which hits theaters in August. Add a wedding to that and it looks like a packed, if exciting year is in store for the couple.

Is The Sound Of Wedding Bells Muffled For Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis?

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis Tao Ruspoli

Olivia Wilde has hardy been shy about her feelings for partner Jason Sudeikis, of late.

An insider has told New York Daily News, though, that their relationship may not be all that it seems right now and suggests that those marriage rumors might well be a little hasty. According to the source, Sudeikis was thinking of popping the question to Wilde, but just lately, things have been strained between the pair, meaning that sound of wedding bells has gotten a little muffled of late.

Fans of the couple needn’t despair too much, though, it doesn’t sound as if the relationship is completely beyond repair. “They’re still talking,” the source reassured reporters and added “it’s a rocky road… but contact between them has not been cut.” Apparently, things went belly up for the couple around Thanksgiving Weekend, when Jason found text messages on Olivia’s phone that he didn’t take too kindly to. We’re not sure of the content of the messages but presumably it wasn’t just Olivia wishing her family a happy thanksgiving…

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Movie 43 Trailer

If you were hoping for a romantic comedy with a harmless storyline, romance and inoffensive jokes, the here's a warning: read no further. 'Movie 43' is one of the most cringe-worthy and uncensored taboo-filled flicks to be released in the history of comedy. Here you will see several interlinked stories with characters' lives surrounding unusual proposals, interrupting blind kids' parties, bad parenting, teenage menstruation, a confused and slightly racist basketball coach, innovative business ideas and the kidnapping of a violent leprechaun. Once you see this movie it is unlikely you will find a subject that offends you ever again.

With twelve different comedy genius directors including Peter Farrelly ('Dumb & Dumber', 'There's Something About Mary', 'Shallow Hal'), Steve Carr ('Daddy Day Care', 'Dr Dolittle 2'), Steven Brill ('Little Nicky') and Brett Ratner ('Rush Hour') to name but a few and eight different writers, this jaw-droppingly crude and often obscene movie features a diverse star-studded cast, both British and American, who have banded together to shock you in the most hilarious ways you can think of. Whatever kind of comedy you're into, 'Movie 43' probably has something in it for everyone and it is set to hit the big screen on February 1st 2012.

Directed by : Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill, Steve Carr, Rusty Cundieff, James Duffy, Griffin Dunne, Peter Farrelly, Patrik Forsberg, James Gunn, Bob Odenkirk, Brett Ratner, Jonathan van Tulleken

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Olivia Wilde Moves In With Jason Sudeikis: Too Soon?

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are officially a full-blown item after getting a place together, and a pretty swanky one at that. The 28-year-old actress opened up to USA Today about the downtown New York City apartment she shares with 'Horrible Bosses' star Sudeikis.

"I've been decorating our new apartment. That's a lot of what I do," she said. "I'm so domestic. We have a cool new electronic drum kit. It's a good life." Oh, we bet it's a good life. Wilde has now established herself as one of the most sought after leading ladies in Hollywood, whereas Sudeikis is raking in the megabucks, as always. Wilde says she and her new beau - who she's been dating since last year - spend nights "nerding out" and discussing working on a projects together. Wilde explained, "We talk about it all the time.We're constantly doing bits together. One day someone will turn a camera on that. It would be a good movie." Would it really? Perhaps.

To be fair, a collaborative project with Sudeikis is likely to be years away, given Wilde is currently working on no less than ten projects, including 'Drinking Buddies', a comedy starring Anna Kendrick and 'Rush', Ron Howard's highly anticipated biography of Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda.

The Campaign Review

Very Good

Will Ferrell's funniest movie in years, this is a silly comedy with a terrible sentimental streak, but the political satire running through it is dead on. In fact, the film's opening act is razor-sharp as it lampoons election campaigning with knowing jabs at corporate sponsorship, incumbent laziness and the difficulty of being an honest candidate. So it's disappointing when the film becomes soppy and stupid.

Ferrell creates a memorable comical character in Cam Brady, a five-term North Carolina congressman up for re-election. He's sure he will coast his way back into office, and is only mildly worried when naive local goofball Marty Huggins (Galifianakis) runs against him. Marty certainly isn't ready for the slick attacks orchestrated by Cam's campaign manager (Sudeikis). But two wealthy brothers (the underused Lithgow and Aykroyd) are bankrolling Marty's campaign in the hopes of turning the district into a Chinese sweatshop, so they hire a ruthless press officer (McDermott) to whip Marty into shape. And the game is on.

Even though the characters are cartoonish, what they do is eerily authentic. Cam is a smooth operator with strong hair and a womanising streak. He also believes he can do whatever he wants as long as he mentions "America, Jesus and freedom" in every speech. By contrast, Marty is camp and silly, with a plump wife (Baker) and kids, plus a pair of pet pugs that Cam instantly labels as "Communist Chinese dogs!" Their clashes are a riot of parody and slapstick, some of which is sharply pointed (neither says anything substantial) and some is just ridiculous (including a hilarious cameo from Uggy, the dog from The Artist).

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Proves A Hit As SNL Host

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Seth Macfarlane Saturday Night Live Jason Sudeikis Mumford And Sons

Joseph Gordon-Levitt followed on from Seth Macfarlane's well-received appearance on the first episode of the new Saturday Night Live series with an equally impressive show of comic talent and timing.

The Dark Knight Rises star tickled funny bones across America with his two spoof beer commercial skits, in which he played the son of the 'Most Interesting Man in the World.' The two skits, spoofs of the popular Dos Equis adverts, featured Gordon-Levitt as the underachieving son promoting 'Tres Equis' and detailing his life as a man who is the polar opposite of his famous fictional father. Some of his 'achievements' included using fake names at Starbucks and dating a model (who in actual fact isn't a model but stared in commercial for her dad's car dealership) as well as being the proud owner five differently styled fedora hats. The character explained that Tres Equis is "one Equis more than my dad's beer, because he was never there for me. [It's] two parts Dos Equis, one part none of your business."

For the second skit, the deadbeat son is joined by his father (played by Jason Sudeikis) who berates his son for his disappointing exploits.

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Epic Trailer

Mary Katherine is a regular teenage girl who somehow mysteriously appears in an enchantingly beautiful forest full of talking slugs and miniature soldiers. In this strange new world, a war is waging between the forces of good and those who do everything within their power to try to defend nature, and the forces of evil; those who are responsible for its destruction. Wishing she'd dreamt it all at first, Mary eventually joins a team of weird but friendly characters to help protect this world as well as her own which is also, consequentially, under threat.

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The Campaign Trailer

Prior to the unopposed congressman Cam Brady's fifth term election, two affluent CEOs decide enough is enough after Brady commits a major public faux pas. They bring in a second candidate to rival Brady and allow them to gain control over North Carolina. Their candidate, Marty Huggins, though less charismatic than Brady but equally as much of an intellectual vacuum, is the na<ve local Tourism Center director who, with the help of his new supporters and a ruthless campaign manager, quickly becomes a genuine competitor incurring many more of Brady's public indiscretions.

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Video - Stella McCartney Throws Celebrity Dinner

Celebrities attend a private dinner to celebrate the launch of Stella Mccartney's new store on 112 Greene Street, New York. The British fashion designer stood for a few photos before entering the building; as the photographers shouted afterwards, she mentioned that she'll be back outside later, which she did. She invited a few of her famous friends to the dinner, including Naomi Watts; model Elettra Rossellini; music executive and X Factor USA judge L.A. Reid; Jason Sudeikis and Liv Tyler.

Stella is the daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney

Horrible Bosses Trailer

Nick Hendricks (a management candidate), Kurt Buckman (an accountant) and Dale Arbus (a dental assistant) are three best friends who love their jobs. However, for the three of them, there is just one thing coming between them and their happiness - their evil bosses.

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Hall Pass Trailer

One week of freedom, no questions asked with no repercussions. Fred and Rick are best friends who have both just been granted the same deal by their wives - a week off their marriages.

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Going The Distance Trailer

When Erin and Garrett have a chance meeting in a bar in New York, both feel a connection to one and other but they know it's not going to go anywhere. Erin is a charming and witty woman and Garrett can't help but fall for her. The only problem is Garrett is a New Yorker, all his friends and job are based in the city and Erin lives in San Francisco.

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The Bounty Hunter Review

Aniston and Butler mysteriously rustle up just enough chemistry in this simplistic rom-com to make it enjoyable. We never really like their characters, but some of the film's contrived situations are genuinely funny.

Nicole (Aniston) is a New York journalist who's so busy with a breaking story that she neglects to turn up for a court date and ends up on the bail-jumper list of bounty hunter Milo (Butler), her ex-husband. Their stormy marriage didn't last long, and Milo is happy for the chance to get some revenge. But he's being chased by the goons (Coster and Garland) of an Atlantic City loan shark (Moriarty). Meanwhile, Nicole also has a lovelorn colleague (Sudeikis) and a vicious henchman (Greene) after her.

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The Bounty Hunter Trailer

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Jason Sudeikis

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Jason Sudeikis

Date of birth

18th September, 1975








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