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25th June 2015

Quote: "I just got invited to the party for this last one and it's nice to know I'm gonna be doing another... There is some great stuff that I already know about." Jason Statham confirms he'll be back as villain Deckard Shaw in the eighth Fast & Furious film.

3rd June 2015

Quote: "It gives what they call sort of an aerial awareness. You always know where your feet are. I did a lot of trampoline, a lot of tumbling. All these things give you sort of that extra sense of what's up and what's down and I think stunts are always governed by how confident you are in that situation and whether you want to do it or not." Action man Jason Statham is convinced his days as a high board diver during his youth prepared him to perform his own stunts in his films.

3rd June 2015

Quote: "It's very difficult to follow someone's footsteps and Daniel Craig is an absolute phenomenal actor and I think he's brought the Bond to a real state of credibility, I mean, it got goofy at times, but he is fantastic... If they ever ask me, I mean I grew up on James Bond so it's part of my culture and I do a lot of action movies, so it doesn't seem too far out of my reach to be able to do something like that, if it ever came." Movie hardman Jason Statham would welcome the chance to take over the role of 007 if fellow Brit DANIEL CRAIG decides to retire as the suave superspy.

3rd June 2015

Quote: "I wanted to be a stuntman, it was a path I never pursued. My friend was training to be a stuntman. You need a few different skills, you need a contact sport, one or two things I already had, but I never had the time because I was competing in a different sport, like an amateur sport, so I never had the time to dedicate to what you really need to become a stuntman." Actor Jason Statham, who was a high board diver in his youth, dreamed of becoming a stuntman before embarking on a career as a Hollywood action star.

30th March 2015

Fact: Action man Jason Statham and his supermodel girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are movie into the Beverly Hills neighbourhood after buying a $13 million (GBP8.6 million) estate.

8th November 2014

Fact: Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Alba and Michelle Yeoh will join Jason Statham in the sequel to action movie The Mechanic. Brit Statham will return as hitman Arthur Bishop in Dennis Gansel's Mechanic: Resurrection

30th August 2014

Fact: Kelly Brook's tell-all memoir will finally be released on 11 September (14). The British actress/model will spill secrets about her series of high-profile romances, including her seven-year relationship with Hollywood hardman Jason Statham. The book, titled Close Up, was originally slated for 2013.

23rd July 2014

Fact: Video footage of British actor Jason Statham competing in the 1990 Commonwealth Games surfaced online on Wednesday (23Jul14), just hours ahead of the opening ceremony of this year's (14) event in Glasgow, Scotland. Before he hit Hollywood, The Expendables star represented England in solo diving in Auckland, New Zealand at the age of 23. He participated in three events and his best rank was eighth place.

7th April 2014

Fact: Hollywood action man Jason Statham has stepped behind the wheel to film an adrenaline-fulled car race sequence for Calvin Harris' latest music video. The Scottish Dj's promo for new song Summer features a guest appearance from The Expendables star, who is seen taking part in a dramatic drag race with the hitmaker.

12th September 2013

Fact: Actor Djimon Hounsou has joined the cast of Fast & Furious 7. He is the latest new face to sign up for the next installment of the popular film franchise - Kurt Russell, Jason Statham and Nathalie Emmanuel have also landed roles in the forthcoming release.

14th February 2013

Quote: "She was just fantastic. She was just like a bubbly young girl... just a beam of light. I loved working with her." Action man Jason Statham had fun with Jennifer Lopez on the set of their new movie Parker.

20th August 2012

Quote: "I actually have no clue if there's a story in this film at all!" Jason Statham warns fans not to expect too much of a plot in his new all-star action sequel The Expendables 2.

19th March 2012

Quote: "I'm looking for the perfect vehicle, a more intellectual action film, perhaps." Action man Jason Statham wants to try a different kind of movie.

19th March 2012

Quote: "So much of this industry is buried in bulls**t. You're pretending to be something onscreen, fine. But it's also the way it plays out here, every day. 'Yeah, we love you, can't wait to put you in a movie'. It's f**king bulls**t." British actor Jason Statham is not impressed by the superficiality of the Hollywood film industry.

9th November 2011

Quote: "The only actor friend that I roll with is Jason Statham and he's over in Prague, bored out of his mind... Jason, I see a lot. We do things together." Mickey Rourke missed his tough guy pal at the premiere of his new movie Immortals in Hollywood on Tuesday (08Nov11). The Wrestler star was joined by fighters Chuck Liddell, Frank Shamrock and Alistair Overeem and Welsh rugby hero Gareth Thomas on the red carpet.

25th October 2011

Quote: "You know, I don't know how those things start. You read them. Someone told me about it... The internet is a dangerous place. There's a lot of stuff out there." British actor Jason Statham dismisses rumours he has been lined up to replace Shia LaBeouf in the Transformers franchise opposite his real-life girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

25th May 2011

Fact: British action man Jason Statham is selling off his home in the Hollywood Hills. The three bedroom, three bathroom house, which features contemporary glass walls, has been placed on the market for $2.74 million (£1.7 million). The Transporter star purchased the property for $2.4 million (£1.5 million) in 2005.

10th February 2011

Fact: British action man Jason Statham is in talks to replace Aussie Troy star Eric Bana in spy thriller Echelon, which will be Angelina Jolie's longtime stunt co-ordinator Simon Crane's directorial debut. The film is based on former British Special Forces soldier Andy MCNab's Firewall novel.

28th January 2011

Quote: "He's like the Tom Jones of the Canary Islands; well, he thinks he is anyway." Jason Statham on his dad, who performs standards in clubs around the vacation mecca.

27th January 2011

Quote: "I do get teary.. I was welling up in THE KING'S SPEECH but we watched that with a lot of people and I was trying to stay tough." Movie hardman Jason Statham admits he fought back tears when he watched Colin Firth's new movie.

12th January 2011

Quote: "I could make 2,000 pounds in a day doing that." Action man Jason Statham on his former life as a high street jewellery conman.

11th January 2011

Quote: "I stopped blowing out the candles a long time ago. Who gives a s**t?" Actor Jason Statham refuses to divulge his true age.

31st August 2010

Quote: "I'd be selling crappy jewellery or perfume, back on the streets... In a way, I won the lottery meeting Guy Ritchie." Action man Jason Statham is grateful for his movie career after turning his back on bootlegging to star in filmmaker Ritchie's Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

31st August 2010

Fact: Movie action man Jason Statham's parents perform as a double act in Spanish bars and clubs.

18th August 2010

Quote: "They couldn't afford a stunt double. I did a film in France and it means another mouth to feed, more wages to pay, so you end up doing your own thing... so now they expect me to do my own stunts." Action man Jason Statham is a reluctant stuntman.

28th April 2010

Fact: Jason Statham's The Transporter movies are set for a small-screen reboot. The action franchise is being transformed into a new TV series. The British actor is not expected to reprise his role.

22nd March 2010

Quote: "Me, Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie have been talking about working on a project together." Vinnie Jones is keen to reunite with his pals for another movie. The trio previously worked together on British gangster films LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and SNATCH.

16th February 2010

Quote: "He's not the most gorgeous movie star, but he has a sincerity and likability that people can relate to." Actress Bai Ling on her CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE co-star Jason Statham.

23rd April 2009

Fact: Jason Statham is in talks to bring 1972 action movie THE MECHANIC back to the big screen. The Transporter star is the frontrunner to play Arthur Bishop in the remake. Charles Bronson played hitman Bishop in the original.

24th February 2009

Fact: Former Faith No More frontman MIKE PATTON will score the soundtrack to Jason Statham's CRANK sequel, CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE.

12th December 2008

Quote: "Me and Rocky? I'm not bad. I'm better without the gloves though. He might have to go one glove and one no glove to make both of us happy." Hollywood hard man Jason Statham fancies his chances against the fictional movie boxing character made famous by Sylvester Stallone.

3rd October 2008

Quote: "During the filming of SNATCH, we took the whole cast on to a car track and raced around trying to beat each other. BENICIO (DEL TORO), Brad Pitt and everyone got stuck in." Actor Jason Statham enjoyed his time on the set of the gangster movie.

21st August 2008

Fact: "Am I comfortable running around naked? Well, I get paid to do it and I'll do anything for money, so yeah. It's just one of those things you have to do." British actor Jason Statham on disrobing for forthcoming movie DEATH RACE.

27th February 2008

Quote: "There's not enough tea in China to make me do reality TV! I would never do that s**t. I'd rather go back to the street corner selling f**king fake perfume." British action man Jason Statham insists he would never take part in a reality TV show.

18th January 2008

Quote: "He'd murder Jason Bourne. I'm only kidding. Maybe the other guy - the one in The Transporter, Jason Stratham." Actor Sylvester Stallone thinks mercenary hero John Rambo would triumph over modern action stars.

6th August 2007

Fact: British actor Jason Statham has moved into every man's dream bachelor pad in Hollywood - below Charlize Theron's apartment.

25th February 2007

Fact: Soccer star David Beckham has signed up for a role in new First World War movie, TRUCE. He will join British actor Jason Statham and Bush rocker Gavin Rossdale in the film about the unofficial festive peace of Christmas 1914, when British and German soldiers called a brief truce to play a game of soccer.

21st August 2006

Quote: "I don't think anyone will give me a shot at SHAKESPEARE... I don't think they can see me like that - in the wig and the tie." Tough guy Jason Statham fears he'll never play HAMLET.

4th September 2005

Quote: <p>"Once you start doing your own stunts you are considered an action hero. I think this character is up there with the best. You could say it's a working-class James Bond." TRANSPORTER 2 star Jason Statham is aiming for the top. </p>

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