Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz are the stars of one of 2014's most anticipated comedies, 'Sex Tape.'

The upcoming flick embraces the digital age, and depicts how some people's inability to fully understand the power of today's technology can have disastrous outcomes.

Sex Tape
Cameron Diaz in 'Sex Tape' attempting to improve her sex life

So why is has this film got such hype behind it?

For a start, 'Sex Tape' features an on-screen partnership that film-lovers have seen before, Diaz and Segel both starred in 2011's 'Bad Teacher', and their shared scenes were among the funniest of the whole movie.

However, as the pair are mostly associated with comedic roles, it will be interesting to see how they attempt to pull off their intimate sex scenes, which they recently opened up about to Entertainment Weekly.

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"I think we were really kind of spur of the moment with it," Segel said. "What was really amazing about doing it with Cameron is I think she and I come from a similar place when it comes to comedy. We don't have a tremendous sense of pride or shame."

Jason Segel
Jason Segel's character, Jay, accidently uploaded the homemade video to his iCloud account

"It was really like doing it with a buddy, which was cool," he added. "And the thing about the sex tape, they need to be embarrassed that it gets out...we really didn't want it to be sensual or sexy."

"You wanted it to be kind of ridiculous, and absurd and humiliating," Diaz elaborated.

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The two stars portray a married couple of ten years, Jay and Annie, who also share two children together. And like many others, they have found family life has dulled their sex life, but in order to find that spark again, they decide to film themselves having sex.

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Impressively, the homemade clip is a three-hour long spectacle of several different positions and noises, but as the video is uploaded to Jay's iCloud account, they discover it has been sent to everyone they gave an iPad to for Christmas.

'Sex Tape' is expected to be one of the funniest films of the year

So how did the duo manage to come up with so many hilarious sex positions? "We kind of made s--t up as we went along," Diaz admitted. Segel added, "I know this will shock your readers, but it turns out there's a finite number of ways my body's able to move."

'Sex Tape' is set to hit theatres on July 18th 2014.