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3rd December 2015

Quote: "Bill, he can sing beautifully. What can't he do?" Actor Jason Schwartzman was pleasantly surprised by his frequent movie co-star Bill Murray's vocal skills as they teamed up for the veteran's new festive special, A Very Murray Christmas, which will debut on Netflix on Friday (04Dec15).

3rd December 2015

Quote: "We've worked together many times now, but the truth be told, I'm still blown away every time I see him. He's the nicest guy in the world... He's a legend to me and even when he says my name... I just (freeze and think), 'He just said my name. He remembered me!' I just think the affect he has on probably everybody is the effect (he has on me). It doesn't ever wear off." Jason Schwartzman is still starstruck around comedy legend Bill Murray, despite working with him on numerous Wes Anderson movies, including Rushmore, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Moonrise Kingdom.

19th June 2015

Fact: Actor Jason Schwartzman conducted his interview with U.S. TV host JIMMY FALLON in a massage chair when he appeared on THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON on Thursday (18Jun15). The presenter had the chairs set up after the Rushmore star revealed he had had a dream about doing the chat while they were both receiving spa treatments, so they completed the funny segment while two male masseuses rubbed them down.

18th December 2014

Quote: "He's just hard muscle, abs, just tight sexual power." Jason Schwartzman on Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, his co-star in new Tv series Mozart in the Jungle.

18th May 2012

Fact: Singer Robert Schwartzman's latest music video is a family affair - the promo for new single Second Chances features his actor brother Jason Schwartzman and his mum, Rocky actress Talia Shire.

4th August 2010

Quote: "She never tells me what to wear, I put on whatever I feel like." Actor Jason Schwartzman insists marrying fashion designer BRADY CUNNINGHAM hasn't made him more stylish.

21st October 2009

Quote: "I'm glad this film was animated because if it was a filmed movie I wouldn't have been able to stare at him so much. But because it was animated I could just gaze and go 'Man, that's George Clooney'." Jason Schwartzman enjoyed recording sessions for animated movie FANTASTIC MR. Fox opposite Clooney.

24th July 2008

Fact: Oscar winner Randy Newman thrilled fans including Mandy Moore and Jason Schwartzman with a low-key gig at Los Angeles' Largo club on Wednesday night (23Jul08). The 280-capacity venue was packed for the showcase, during which the beloved singer/songwriter performed tracks from his upcoming album.

4th April 2008

Quote: "I was stuck with my co-stars Owen and ADRIEN. We all stank really bad. At times we wanted to kill each other. When you see the relief on our faced at the end of the journey - that's real!" Actor Jason Schwartzman couldn't wait to finish filming THE DARJEELING LIMITED with Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody.

4th April 2008

Quote: "So Owen would be the big brother beating me up, and then I'd turn on Adrien Brody and split his head open. Actually, ADRIEN could beat the crap out of me too, thinking about it..." Jason Schwartzman on his THE DARJEELING LIMITED co-stars Owen Wilson and ADRIEN BRODY.

28th November 2007

Quote: "On weekends I'd come out of my bedroom and yell 'Adrien, Owen! Where are you?' They'd yell - 'We're in here' and I'd find them in bed watching movies, so I'd climb in and we'd all snuggle up and watch movies together." Actor Jason Schwartzman on his real-life companionship with his THE DARJEELING LIMITED 'brothers' Owen Wilson and ADRIEN BRODY.

28th November 2007

Quote: "It was the first time I ever worked on a movie where if you were late to work there was a good chance the set wouldn't be there." Actor Jason Schwartzman on the pitfalls of filming THE DARJEELING LIMITED on a real moving train.

23rd November 2007

Quote: "Hollywood wants you to be a d**k, the system is set up that way, so you end up feeling disconnected from reality, and that's when you become a d**k." Actor Jason Schwartzman on the difficulties of staying humble in Hollywood.

12th October 2007

Fact: MARIE ANTOINETTE stars Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman have recorded a duet cover version of THE TURTLES' Happy Together for the soundtrack of the actress' directorial debut WELCOME - a horror story starring Winona Ryder.

28th October 2006

Fact: Quirky actor Jason Schwartzman commissioned the wigmakers who styled the hair pieces for his new movie MARIE ANTOINETTE to create a miniature 'do' for his dog, so the mutt could look like former US leader George Washington for Hallowe'en (31OCT06).

28th October 2006

Quote: "They say... because people were so not clean, that underneath the wig, actually, there were scabs and bugs." Jason Schwartzman was appalled to discover KING LOUIS XVI, who he plays in new film MARIE ANTOINETTE, had hygiene issues.

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