Director Jason Reitman wrote Up In The Air in a coffee shop because his penchant for porn became too much of a distraction while working from home.
The filmmaker admits he struggles to concentrate whenever he works at home because he's always tempted to indulge in adult films whenever he gets bored.
So he took up scriptwriting duty at a local Starbucks while he was working on Up In the Air - and he's hoping to replicate the critically-acclaimed film's success by returning to the same Palm Springs, California cafe to pen the plot for his upcoming movie, Labor Day.
He says, "I wrote most of Up in the Air and Labor Day in a Starbucks in Palm Springs... I think writing at home is scary. You have all the distractions of your life beckoning and it's too quiet and it's too easy to watch porno. There's just that quiet level of chatter and music and whatever those barista machines are... The beauty of being a director is nobody knows who you are."