Jason Priestley, the 41-year-old Canadian-American actor, appeared on the set of 'Access Hollywood Live' on Wednesday (20th April 2011) to promote his new comedy show 'Call Me Fitz'. Jason Priestly famously starred as 'Brandon Walsh' in the hit 90's television series 'Beverly Hills 90210'.
Priestley plays the sleazy car salesman 'Richard Fitzpatrick' in the new comedy series, which the actor describes as "A lot of fun. It's booze, blow, it's perfect. It's Charlie Sheen on a Wednesday", joking that the show is "definitely not for kids" Priestley married the makeup artist Naomi Lowde in 2005 and the couple welcomed their second child in 2009. The actor said he spends most of his time being a father, claiming, "Fatherhood agrees with me. I love being a parent, I love my kids. They're the greatest challenge and they're the greatest joy I've ever had in my life". Priestley was previously married to the '90210' makeup artist Ashlee Petersen but the couple divorced in 2000.
Jason Priestley's last television appearance came in 2009 when he starred in the Bbc's two part drama 'The Day of the Triffids' with Dougray Scott and the comedian Eddie Izzard. His new show 'Call Me Fitz' premieres Thursday at 9 Pm on DirecTV's The 101 Network.