There’s no shortage of the Marvel brand anywhere you look these days. All over the television networks with ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,’ plastered on the big screen with X-Men, Spider-Man, and Captain America, and even on your video game consoles with 'LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.' But the ever present Marvel is about to take its presence on the game consoles up a notch: the upcoming television series, 'Powers,' based off Marvel’s Icon imprint comic, is scheduled to make its debut exclusively on the PlayStation Network this December.

Playstation PowersPlaystation announced 'Powers' at E3

Originally announced in March but further expanded on during Sony’s recent E3 press conference, the consensus within the gaming community of ‘Powers’ on the PlayStation Network seems to be a big “who cares.” It’s not surprising, really, because after all, people didn’t buy their PlayStations for television -- they bought them for games. It makes it even worse that Sony spent a good chunk of that E3 conference discussing what the show was all about when they could have easily said all of the same things in a press release and instead used that time to talk about games people are anticipating. Either way, whether people care or not, everyone with a PlayStation console is going to be able to experience ‘Powers’ themselves, because the first episode will be free for all users. For those subscribed to the PlayStation Plus service, the entire season will be free, but pricing hasn’t been announced yet for those not subscribed.

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So, what the heck is ‘Powers,’ anyway, and does it have a chance of being any good? The ‘Powers’ comic came to fruition in 2000 by creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming and was published by Image Comics until 2004. Since then, the series moved to Marvel’s Icon Comics where it’s still being developed. The synopsis is straight forward enough: it’s about the two leads, homicide detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, who are assigned cases involving people with superpowers.

But how will it translate into a TV series? Apparently, it hasn’t translated too well over the past few years. ‘Powers’ was originally set to be an FX Network series in 2011, but somewhere along the way, the network wanted the crew to reshoot the pilot AND recast it. Before the recast, the leads were taken by Jason Patric (The Lost Boys) and Lucy Punch (Hot Fuzz), but it hasn’t been announced who will be taking over the new roles.

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Whether ‘Powers’ will flourish on the PlayStation Network remains to be seen, but the fact that it’s the first television exclusive on a gaming console is pretty monumental, if only because it may be where the future is headed. It almost seems like a Catch 22: if ‘Powers’ is successful enough, does that mean more TV is in store for PlayStation? If it doesn’t live up to expectations, does Sony try to force new ways to implement “entertainment” into its gaming experience? Ultimately, ‘Powers’ seems like it’s in good hands now, and with the viewership that it automatically has on PlayStation, a great cast might have the potential to make it a sleeper hit when it airs in December.