Take That are missing Jason Orange ahead of their 42-date tour.

The 'These Days' hitmakers, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen, have revealed its taken time to get used to the departure of Jason - who exited the band last year - but they are still hoping to put on the best show they can for fans when they kick off their Take That Live 2015 tour in Glasgow on Monday (27.04.15).

Howard explained: ''Sometimes you think you're used to it then a new thing comes along, and we do miss Jason.

''But we are a three-piece. This is what we've got to do.''

Mark added: ''It's our biggest arena tour. In the energy of the show you're aware that J's not there. But you don't want people to feel it's missing him.

''That said, we're respectful of J as well. We're not trying to take his place. There are things we haven't done because it was J's thing.''

Gary said: ''This is the biggest test and challenge for us.''

The trio admitted they always hoped Jason, 44, would return to the group and even left space to fit in his vocals on their new album 'III'.

Howard said: ''I don't think there's a massive difference vocally. On the album we left that little space for Jason in the hope he would come back.''

Having seen both Jason and Robbie Williams come and go from the band over the past 20 years, Gary, 44, admitted the thing he misses most about working as a five piece is spending time with his pals.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''It's important to remember we've been friends for years. It's fun with three of us, it's more fun with four and even more with five. We miss them because they're friends, not because we go on stage and perform.''