Pop star Jason Mraz has become the latest star to find a sideline as an avocado farmer.
The singer/songwriter has purchased a fruit farm in San Diego, California, and admits he loves nothing better than to go avocado hunting.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I walk out there with my tote bag and it's like an Easter egg hunt. Some days I come back with hundreds of avocados."
But, unlike fellow farmers Tom Selleck and Larry Hagman, who also own avocado farms in California, Mraz has no plans to turn a profit from his sideline.
Instead, he uses his avocados to perfect recipes - and he wants to turn his sprawling country estate into a go-kart mecca.
He explains, "It's the perfect place, winding through the avocado groves. We'll put out some hay bales and start up a Jason Mraz Grand Prix."