Jason Mraz may have set the world alight with the white-boy rap The Remedy (I Won't Worry) and the summery pop of 'I'm Yours' but his latest album 'Love is a Four Letter Word' is doing a pretty good job of extinguishing any flames of credibility that he once had. New York Daily News have described the release as being packed with " the emptiest bromides this side of a Tony Robbins infomercial" and other reviewers have been less than kind.
Mraz's breakthrough single 'I'm Yours' was released in 2008. A lot has changed in four years and Mraz may well find that he struggles to find an audience for his new material. According to the New York Daily News, Love may well be a four-letter word, but his album is only a one-star album. A review from Associated Press is kinder, though opts for description, rather than critique of the album. Writing for The Guardian, Caroline Sullivan acknowledges Mraz's obvious musical talent, saying "Lyrically, Mraz may be all fluffy towels and soft blankets, but he pairs his words with a variety of genres that show him to be a cracking musician."