Grammy award-winning 'I'm Yours' hitmaker Jason Mraz talks to about his spirituality and inspiration for his recent album before hitting the Orient on his world tour this summer.

When asked if Jason's love of Kirtan, which inspired his new song 'Everything Is Sound', linked to any particular spiritual beliefs he had. "I am [a spiritual person], yes. Not in the sense that I follow any type of religious doctrine or any type of rules that any one religion creates, but over the years I've practiced a more Syncretistic approach to religion".

Multi-instrumentalist Jason admits to being fascinated by mysticism and all the "invisibleness" in the world. "Just trying to think about what makes us work, what makes us seemingly free-floating individuals drifting on the surface of the planet with this powerful energy all around that runs us... That to me is mystic". However, Jason has never particularly understood religion in terms of making sense of Bible stories when he was young, "I was always confused about that stuff".

Jason's most recent album 'Love Is A Four Letter Word' was released on May 8th 2012 and took three years to record. He is set to embark on his world tour from June 8th beginning in South Korea and ending in Europe with stops including France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Belgium and finally reaching the UK in December.

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