Jason Mraz's ex-fiancee has responded to the singer's account of their break-up in a collection of new songs.

Tristan Prettyman felt hurt and helpless when the I'm Yours hitmaker went public about the details of the break-up last year (11) and decided to get creative with her emotions and pen a track about her feelings.

She tells Spinner.com, "I was engaged to a musician and he put a song out, and it was not the story that I remembered it being.

"I remember being home, and I was just so like furious, and I also felt pretty helpless as well. This song is being put out and people think this is what happened and I don't have a voice.

"I didn't want to blog and I didn't want to tweet and I had, like, fans coming at me like, 'Is this what happened?' And I remember thinking, 'Save it for a song, save it for a song.'"

But, much like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, who use heartache as inspiration, Prettyman couldn't stop at just one song and now many tracks on her new Cedar & Gold album relate to the break-up.