Burly actor Jason Momoa accidentally broke both the hands of his scriptwriting pal David Benioff during a drinking game at the Game Of Thrones wrap party.
Benioff, the head writer of the hit TV fantasy drama, was celebrating the season's end during a party on location in Belfast, Ireland, when he decided to challenge actor Momoa to a hand game of strength called Mercy.
However, in his drunken stupor, Benioff miscalculated the Conan the Barbarian star's power and he was consequently left with two shattered hands.
Benioff's wife, actress Amanda Peet, recalls, "He was running in from his flight from London... and he came in and he just looked kind of funny. He stormed right by me and kind of skulked away. I said, 'Honey, what's the matter, did you have a bad flight?'... And he said, 'I just think I might have broken my finger.' And I said, 'How did you do that?' And he said, 'I can't tell you.'
"I got home from work and his hands had swollen. It was like elephantiasis... He proceeded to tell me that in Belfast, it was their wrap party, and they got to drinking and he decided to play a game of Mercy... with Jason Momoa. And he had a few drinks and he didn't realise that he was getting hurt.
"So we go to the emergency room the next morning... and finally the lovely doctor who was on call at the hospital took X-rays... and she said, 'Well, I mean I don't want to say that his hands were crushed, but basically that's what happened.' So he spent the week in two slings... unable to drive, on Vicodin (pain medication), and not helping me very much with lifting up the children."