Jason Momoa has been cast as Aquaman in the hugely anticipated Man of Steel sequel Batman vs Superman: Dawn of the Justice, according to the guys at HitFix.com. While Warner Bros are yet to make an official announcement, Drew McWeeney has confirmed that he has accepted the part and that Zack Synder has already finalized his designs for the character.

Jason MomoaJason Momoa, looking scary

Aquaman’s role in the movie – in which Ben Affleck plays Batman  - will be rather limited but McWeeney claims that his character “he is not pleased about the World Engine and what it did to the Indian Ocean”. His entry into the franchise is likely to see him be set up for a more substantial part in the Justice League movie. 

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Fans of the HBO series Entourage will be familiar with Aquaman, after Vinnie Chase played the hero in a fictional blockbuster directed by James Cameron. It starred Mandy Moore as Aquagirl and James Woods as Black Manta – Ray Liotta and Sharon Stone also co-star. In the series, the movie was originally planned as a trilogy but Chase managed to get out of his contract, leaving Jake Gyllenhaal to take over, with Michael Bay directing and Kevin Smith writing.

Aquaman, created by Paul Morris and Mort Weiseinger, made his debut in More Fun Comics 73 in 1941. The character has evolved into a serious and brooding superhero saddled with an ill reputation and struggling to find a true role and purpose beyond as the deposed King of Atlantis.

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