Actor Jason Isaacs will be banning his family and friends from the recovery room the next time he undergoes an operation after playing a patient who opens up to his wife about an affair while under the influence of mind-bending drugs in a new Internet series.

Isaacs' character in the eight-part Wigs YouTube web-series Kendra comes round from a major operation and happily confesses to a romance with another woman as his doting wife stands by his bed.

And the Harry Potter star insists the plotline isn't as strange as it seems - medics really do give post-op patients heavy drugs to speed up their recovery - and some have odd side effects.

The actor tells Wenn, "There's this drug that they give you in the recovery room and it renders people completely and utterly uninhibited. They say whatever they feel like saying and you don't know if it's the truth or fantasy.

"I've had a couple procedures in the past few years where I've been stitched back together and both times my wife has said, 'You don't remember that conversation, do you?' Apparently I'd been talking for an hour in the recovery room with her.

"Hopefully I don't have any deep, dark secrets to hide because if I did I can't imagine what the consequences would be. It makes you wonder."

The eight seven-minute Kendra episodes were dreamed up by Fried Green Tomatoes director Jon Avnet after a strange experience he had following an operation.

Isaacs adds, "Jon had an operation and came around afterwards and in the car on the way home he made a lot of business phone calls because he's one of those hyperactive men who juggles 100 plates at once, and when he got back to his office the phone started ringing and it was all these people going, 'What the f**k were you talking about when you called me?' and he had no recollection at all of making any phone calls or what he'd said."