Jason Derulo is tipped to make a ''fortune'' after quitting his record label.

The 30-year-old star left Warner Records at the start of the year, and according to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, he's now the world's biggest independent music star.

The 'Ridin' Solo' hitmaker has had huge success with viral chart-topper 'Savage Love' with Jawsh 685 this year, and now he's going it alone, he's likely set to rake in a ton of cash as he won't have to hand over a considerable lump of his profits to the major label.

An insider told the tabloid: ''It would have to take something really big for Jason to sign to another label now.

''Going independent was a conscious and active decision by Jason because he wants to do things his way.

''His decision means that he could make a fortune, as he will no longer have to hand over a hefty percentage of his earnings.

''Jason has an 11-year, chart-topping career under his belt so he feels like he is in the right place now to make important decisions without a label.''

The source added: ''He really trusts the tight-knit team who have been with him since day one, and he feels like he's in the best position to steer his career to new heights.''

The 'Cats' star - who has 28 million followers on video platform TikTok - previously revealed he had been trying to leave Warner for some time and teased he has plenty of new music he can't wait to share with his fans, who haven't had a studio album from him since 2015's 'Everything Is 4'.

He said: ''I was on a record label for my entire career and I was trying to get off that label for quite some time.

''I was finally able to get released and now I'm at a home where I'm comfortable and where I think my music can flourish.

''We're all on the same page creatively.

''I feel excited to release the music I have. I have so much great material that's just waiting.''