Jason Derulo believes there's no longer a divide between what's personal and what's private.

The 'Take You Dancing' singer - who is dating model Jena Frumes - has developed an obsession with TikTok over the last few months and has amassed millions of followers, and he believes the popularity of the platform shows that anything goes these days.

He said: ''I didn't predict I'd get so into TikTok, but I just got the bug and now I have 34 million followers.

''There's no secret to being successful on there. Anyone can go viral tomorrow, which is part of the fun. I film challenges, pranks and dances.

''My most popular video is of me trying to smack my girlfriend's ass but because she knows me so well, she stops me. It has 130 million views, which is crazy. I've realised there's not really a line between what's private and personal now.''

As well as wanting to offer ''light and fun'' to his followers on the platform, the 30-year-old star is also keen to raise awareness of the issues that matter.

He told Sunday Times magazine: ''I also post videos about more serious things that are important to me, like Black Lives Matter. I've a lot of kids that are followers, so my content is normally light and fun, but I want people to be aware of what's going on in the world.

''I went to a [BLM] march in LA and was really inspired to see so many people come together for this cause, especially in these crazy times. I'm hopeful for the future, but it's one day at a time. It's the elections soon and it's of the utmost importance that people exercise their right to vote.''

With his ever-increasing popularity on TikTok, Jason gives himself an ''outlandish'' dinner to celebrate each time he reaches a new milestone of fans.

He explained: ''Every time I get another million followers, I eat what I call a 'milli-meal'. They're these really outlandish dinners and desserts like cotton-candy sandwiches.''