Jason Derulo is ''cool'' with Instagram - despite the site removing an image of him flaunting his manhood.

The 30-year-old singer had a photograph removed from Instagram in 2019 because it was considered to be indecent, but Jason has insisted he doesn't hold any grudges and has no complaints about the furore it created.

Reflecting on the controversy, Jason - who posed in a pair of underwear for the snap - said: ''We're cool now. I forgave them. Honestly, that situation blew up way too big. It was not that serious but I guess it just caught on.

''I didn't think that would be the reaction, no way. That exploded.''

Jason is dating model Jena Frumes, and he's admitted she's helped to change his outlook on life.

The 'Whatcha Say' hitmaker believes he's become ''more selfless'' since meeting Jena.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the music star - who previously dated Jordin Sparks, before ending their romance in 2014 - shared: ''I guess the biggest difference is talking about 'we' instead of 'I'. It's not like, 'What am I going to have for dinner?' it's like, 'What are we doing for dinner?'

''Every time you're thinking of somebody else in a relationship it really makes you a lot more selfless.''

Meanwhile, Jason previously hit out at Instagram for removing the steamy shot of him in his underwear.

The music star posted a screenshot of the notice he received after the site removed the eye-catching snap.

He wrote at the time: ''F*** u mean? I have underwear on... I can't help my size.. (sic)

According to Instagram, the much-discussed image contained ''nudity or sexual activity'' and was therefore removed from the platform.