Jason Derulo ''gained weight like crazy'' amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 30-year-old singer has been exercising at home in Los Angeles during the health crisis, and he initially gained a significant amount of weight because he wasn't able to do much cardio work.

He said: ''Last year I was home for about 60 days out of the entire year.

''I tour a lot more than the average artist, constantly doing shows across the world. I do a lot of spot dates, a lot of festivals. So being at home for months at a time is pretty crazy, because I haven't been home like this since I was kid.

''My rehearsals are pretty vigorous, which takes a toll on your body, but also, it makes you lose weight, which I don't want, so I usually lift pretty heavy during that time and eat more, because I'm not really into the skinny vibes.

''That's something I always really struggle with when I'm on tour.''

However, Jason admitted the problem was turned on its head amid the lockdown.

The 'Talk Dirty' hitmaker - who is dating model Jena Frumes - had to change his workout routine to ensure he didn't gain too much weight.

He told GQ magazine: ''Being at home I gained weight like crazy.

''I was like, oh s***, I gotta slow this down, now I'm starting to look like a bodybuilder. It's because I'm so used to getting all of that cardio. So now it's about trying to dial that back.

''I find that my body is only at its optimum when I'm doing two-a-days, which is cardio and lifts. When I'm not doing the cardio, I get too big, and I can lose too much weight if I'm only doing cardio.''