Jason Derulo was visited three times by police on Sunday (27.09.15).

The 'Talk Dirty' hitmaker had ''hundreds'' of friends over to his house for a party yesterday daytime, but upset his neighbours after over 200 cars parked in the street, causing traffic problems, and having noise at an ''intolerable'' level.

According to TMZ, police were called and asked security to keep the noise down but, after they failed to lower the volume, officers returned two hours later, went inside the house and cited Jason for excessive noise.

Police were then called to the property a third time after neighbours reported a fight outside.

The incident came a month after Jason vowed to buy a private jet after being kicked off a flight.

The 'Want to Want Me' hitmaker and his bodyguard got into an argument with Southwest Airlines staff after being denied an escort to get through check-in faster.

The bodyguard exchanged heated words with an employee and the star and his entourage were escorted off the plane from Reno, California, to Los Angeles, where the singer had a gig.

Quizzed about the incident, he said: ''It's alright, I'm buying a plane this month.''

Jason's representative insists he was allowed on the plane but other members of his entourage were not, but got on the plane anyway. This resulted in the entire group being taken off the flight by airport security.

The crooner eventually made his way to his LA gig by private jet, but he was said to be extremely upset with the airline over their actions.